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Do you realize how rediculous this article is? First of all I'd like to start by saying I am Scottish. There seem to be many Scottish people including myself who are "swarthy" as you say. Look at Scottish movie stars Gerard Butler and Robert Carlyle. Look at Irish actor Collin Ferrell and whoever the other guys name is. I do not live in Scotland I live in Canada and I find it rediculous how many times people think I am some more southern european. It just shows how uneducated and unwordly north americans are. So by the proof have I have shown, does this mean that only English people are pure whites? A lot of Scottish and Irish and pale as anything. But what has to be remembered is that we are people with very diverse features, hair colours, eye colours, skin colours. Exactly as someone stated above we are mixed and likely of basque decent. All NON English countries in the British Isles are of mixed decent. While the ENGLISH ARE ANGLO SAXONS. The English people took all of our Gaelic languages away and now we are pretty much considered english. But I guess I just proved that we are truely not the same. SAXON MEANING GERMAN Therefore Ben Franklin was incredibly misinformed. Thanks.
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Oct 28, 2010