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Loving & Living Life To The Fullest!
Interests: I´ve many different interests but Paris Hilton is the biggest of them all. I love her so much because she´s an Angel without wings and she always gives me Power whenever I see her in the media. Paris is my role-model and I look up to her since I saw her the first time in the Realityshow "The Simple Life". Her Style and glamourous appearance is unique and her lovely smile warms my heart and brings out the sunshine. I think, I´m one of the biggest fans of Paris in Germany.
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Hi Rui, just´ve read your blogpost. Did you really saw something like an UFO or so? Amazing. I also do sometimes look up to the sky at night and hope to see a mystery object :) Warm wishes to you xoxo :)
@ParisHilton I´m not here since a few weeks, because I´m mostly on Twitter where I have great contact to other #littlehiltons and of course to you. I´m really happy since the day you followed me back. It was May 16th... Continue reading
Posted Oct 18, 2012 at Paris Hilton
MarieLovesParisHXoxo added a photo at Paris Hilton
@ParisHilton I love this photo of you so much. Your face is so angelic in it. So flawless beautiful and sweet. It shows the real Paris. No wonder the whole world loves you with all of its heart. Xoxo <3
Sep 13, 2012
MarieLovesParisHXoxo added a photo at Paris Hilton
Hey dear Paris, last week I went to my mailbox,opened it and what a surprise I found an autograph with a beautiful photo of you on it. I jumped high and because my parents were with me I showed them what I got and they was so amazed and they loved it too. We were on our way to the shopping center and I could´nt stop smiling all the way. The sky was brighter than before and I wa so incredibly happy. Back at home I bought a silver-coloured frame for it and it got a great place in my bedroom. Everytime I step into the room I look at the autograph with this stunning picture of you and it gives the room a very special light. My family loves you too because you show us all how sweet and lovable you are and that you´re a very kind and unique person. Paris, I wrote you a long letter a few weeks ago and now I got this wonderful autograph, so I know you´ve read my letter and you loved it. God gave you the talent to light up the whole world with your beauty inside and out. It´s my biggest wish to meet you one day and to say thank you for all you do for your fans. I´m so proud to be a Little Hilton and a part of your community. Everything you do is so awesome and you will always be my role-model N°1 because no one other is so inspiring for all things in life. Thank you so much Paris! I wanna give you a big hug for making me so happy on every single day. Sending you much Love from Germany Xoxoxo Marion <3 My nickname is Marie ;-)
Sep 12, 2012
Hello Paris & Little Hiltons, I love all the wonderful pics of Paris´ Vacation in Ibiza. They bring me the sunny and joyful life so that I can also have a little summer feeling because here in Germany the weather... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2012 at Paris Hilton
Paris, when I saw the video of you on the turntables I found it so great, I loaded it on my iPod because it´s so amazing to see you making cool Music. You got Music in your blood and everyone... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2012 at Paris Hilton
You are the BEST for us all. <3
Good morning dear Paris. I wish you a wonderful new day. Much Loce xoxo Marie :)
MarieLovesParisHXoxo shared a video on YouTube at Paris Hilton
Jun 27, 2012
Hey dear Paris, when I see you standing on the Turntables having so much fun, I understand what it means to accomplish all the dreams you had over the years. You made a big step foward in your career and... Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2012 at Paris Hilton
@ParisHilton Dear Paris, I just wanted to tell how much I love and adore you. I often have no words to describe my feelings and thoughts for you. On May 16th this year you followed me back on Twitter and... Continue reading
Posted Jun 25, 2012 at Paris Hilton
Paris, as I´ve read just now, you rocked the decks in Brazil. You killed it with your energy and passion. I´m so proud of you and it feels so great to see how successful you manage the way to accomplish... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2012 at Paris Hilton
Have a safe and calm flight back to L.A. :)
Hi Paris, Now you´re back to Brazil and I wish you tons of fun with your concert in Sao Paulo. I know, you´ll rock it. You´re so damn HOT!!!!! #YES <3 Continue reading
Posted Jun 23, 2012 at Paris Hilton
I wish that all your dreams come true and that you always can do what makes you happy. Love you Babe :) <3
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2012 on 11:11 - Make a Wish... at Paris Hilton
MarieLovesParisHXoxo added a photo at Paris Hilton
Paris poses for the famous photographer Ellen von Unwerth during the Film Festival in Cannes. She looks ladylike, elegant and.....simply STUNNING!!!! #YES
Jun 17, 2012
MarieLovesParisHXoxo added a photo at Paris Hilton
Hi Paris, I´m just in from my job and when I´m at home I go online to twitter and this community and have a look at what you´re doing. When you wake up later I wish you a wonderful day. Enjoy it Babe! #YES Love you xoxo Marie :)
Jun 15, 2012
MarieLovesParisHXoxo added a favorite at Paris Hilton
Jun 15, 2012
MarieLovesParisHXoxo added a photo at Paris Hilton
I collect so many pics of Paris. She looks great in them and I always try to copy her Style, because it´s sexy, elegant and adorable. Every woman wants to look like her.
Jun 13, 2012
Hey Paris, I miss your Tweets so bad. But I know you have fun with friends and I feel good because I know you´re happy and enjoy life. :) Love you Babe! Xoxo Marie <3 Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2012 at Paris Hilton
Thanks Ed. Wish you the Same!!! :)
Hey Paris and Little Hiltons, I also had a pretty cool weekend ´cause there was a huge party in our town which went over 10 days so I invited friends and we partied all day long. I always take any... Continue reading
Posted Jun 11, 2012 at Paris Hilton
You look really cute in your costume. I love Daisys ;) Have fun Babe!!!!!
Paris, you´re so full of life, love and fun. To read your tweets always makes me feel close to you and to your wonderful life. Every time I feel a little sad or have some trouble with something I check... Continue reading
Posted Jun 6, 2012 at Paris Hilton
MarieLovesParisHXoxo added a photo at Paris Hilton
@ParisHilton You´re a real fairy-tale Princess. Love that Pic of you. In one word: Gorgeous!!!!
Jun 6, 2012