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I had a dream I convinced you and Nicky to become dead serious executive types. I have a thousand and one ideas for profit and non-profit. I saw you guys being a big part of a idea to build floating... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2010 at Paris Hilton
That's cool, in that same spirit of the Kids and PEACE, Paris just wanna say if I had my way Bring a Kidcorp concert to this kids city, possibly with you know who singing. Make this young woman a owner. Use as many races as possible in this concert as well to promote unity. I think know is the time to get kids to think in a Federation mind state. It's gonna take every race on the planet to make the next big jump into self sustained life ,without a planet. It has to start somewhere. When kids of different races work together in business they get the feel of being in a situation where they will depend on each other. Everyone will have to be equal because if you don't bring anything to the table in a futuristic situation you can't assist anyone. On star trek everybody helps in one way or another. Please help me keep the peaceful vibe going in the country. From both coast to the south. Please take a look at this link from a man with a vision. Together we can rise to the challenge of destroying old status quo's and starting the next generation off on a unification vibe. Everbody loves your music Paris because you are an unexpected talent. We could fill a stadium in Mexico or California. Ohio, or New York. England or Africa. We want Paris, We want Paris! Your BF :- )
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Jun 13, 2010
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