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Neil Hinrichsen
Knysna, South Africa
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Dear Gina, and all the many other people who contact me trying to find Derek Jackson: -I have no contact details at all for Mr Jackson -I do know that he has given talks on several occasions at Bishops Preparatory in Cape Town, and they may have some contact details on file for him. See their website for their contact details: -If you DO track down some contact info for Mr Jackson, please be so kind as to post it here as a comment for all the other folk looking for him! many thanks, Neil
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2011 on Dereck Jackson on Parenting at Worldsong
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Cloud Computing Consider the wall plug. Wherever we are, we can effortless plug into an unlimited source of electrical power - to recharge our cellphone, or to power our factory. Now imagine that we had the same available for computing - wherever we were, we could easily access as much... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2011 at KoiStrategy
RETAIL This week, as we head into the Xmas season, we'll look at four trends shaping the retail space, the last of which is a seismic trend that is shaking up many spaces! Pricing pressure I was in Woolworths a few weeks ago when I saw a stunning photo covering... Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2011 at KoiStrategy
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Mar 15, 2010
Hi Patty Found your article interesting as I recently spent a lot of time online trying to find the ideal tool for sharing ideas online with a few friends for a new venture we're starting. t's surprising hard to find a good tool for this. Wikis are too document-focused - all of them have abysmal commenting facilities: limited text, no RTF editing, no live links, no threading, etc. There are some interesting online outliners, but none of these have been updated in years. Online mindmaps are promising (especially Mind42), but it's then hard to see when a node has been updated. These are all solutions that (hopefully) email you when changes occur; the other paradigm inverts this - share ideas by email, with everything being copied to a common space. 9cays has a great product here, but the security is too weak; a stronger product is cc:Betty. Nothing however (we hadn't thought of your way of using Gmail & chat!) really clicked for us. And then Google Wave was announced. Immediately I could see that it was EXACTLY what we had been looking for, and more. I think that Google Wave is going to take off like a rocket once people start realizing what it can do. cheers, Neil PS. would be good to see you in SA again!
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This is all great, but meanwhile TypePad is missing one simple, essential feature: the ability to print pages correctly. TypePad pages often do not print correctly because, in the words of your own technical support, "TypePad's format is not optimal for printing pages of your blog through your browser." This rules out using using TypePad to create a website, since most sites include pages that users could expect to print out. Why am I posting this here? Because it could be easily fixed by: Providing one simple option, that if selected would allow one to specify an extra stylesheet to be included in the header of each page; and then providing a basic print stylesheet that people could modify if they wanted. Surely that can't be too hard?
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