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"P.S. After the event the client sent a complaint to the speakers bureau. They were upset that I wore jeans and no jacket. :-)" . . . thus proving your point. Bravo! If they had a purpose, they would have been able to level a criticism against you based in that purpose. Since they don't they can only cling to the obvious and spreadsheet-able: inappropriate attire.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2012 on Purpose Can Not Be Rationalized at Re:Focus
It's a sickness that reinforced and retrenches itself and goes past they way you treat customers; I guarantee they treat their employees the same way, as well as their "vendors" and "business partners." Makes for an ugly spiral. But yes, the new Fairway is awesome. Now we just need a Trader Joes' where Blockbuster was . . .
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Oct 12, 2011