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This was just posted to the SVP of Customer Care for Comcast... let's see if it makes it to his Blog... I know that Comcast is trying hard to capture as much of the market as they can. Who wouldn't, considering that they dramatically mark-up everything they sell, charge for components they don't own, and sell consumers products they don't need. I mean, this is one heck-of-a money making system. To top it all off, after talking with some of the local employees, I hear from them that conditions are less than ideal for multiple reasons, the least of which is the cost cutting measures they employ for wages, compensation and equipment dispersion for customers. I say all of this because i am getting frustrated by their lack of action concerning my situation. Comcast purchased my local cable company a few years ago and for a few months nothing changed. Then all of a sudden I was getting charged for equipment that the previous cable company had "GIVEN" (is that emphatic enough) to me for signing up with them. I was told when the equipment was originally installed, that it was mine and no longer a part of that particular company. When I contacted Comcast Customer care, at the time, they reversed the charges and all was fine for a couple of more months. then the charges showed up again on my bills. I called again and this time I was refered to a 2nd tier. they never called me back to check on it. I left it for 6 months due to my busy schedule and the fact that to talk to someone live there I would have to go through the 2 hour procedure of explaining my situation and arguing again and again. When I finally did call in to check on the progress of my situation, I was told that there was no record of the original call. Therefore I had to start over again. This time, I asked the technician on the line to tell me the "Serial Number" of the unit that they thought they owned. The number he read back to me did not match the unit in my house. Therefore, they did not have a correct record of this component and as such did not have legal right to charge a fee for it's use. That was a year ago, Now I have contacted them monthly on each billing cycle because the charge is still there. On top of this, when they purchased our previous cable company I was told that there was only one package available for our area. That package has now grown to cost 160.00/m and on top of that, they are charging me for use of an HD signal that I can't use since I HAVE NO TELEVISIONS THAT CAN DO HD. The last time I called in, I finally got to a CSM (Customer Service Manager). We went through my current bill and discussed the problems in detail. He "sounded" sympathetic with my situation and had me send him copies of my records proving that they did not own the equipment talked about above. Now with my recent bill, all the old charges are back, and even a few new ones.... I mean, come on, is this something I need to file charges with the FBI over? Is this happening to anyone else? If you do the math on only the first charge, it's 5.00/m so 60.00/y for one household. If they have 25M Households, and they are only doing this over billing practice to a handful (say 5%) that could conceivably be an extra $75,000,000.00 they are getting for absolutely nothing and most people are unaware and just plain paying it. Mr. Germano, I have been fighting this fight now for 3 years and only because I had no other television or high speed internet option in my area. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. Thanks,
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Jun 24, 2010