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It ain't Bill Radke, I tune out when I hear his voice just as fast as when his voice on KUOW reminded me to switch from Morning Edition to Dave Ross. I have always loved Dave Ross but Luke Burbank is really helping his show become something different but still awesome to listen to. The smartest thing KIRO ever did was fire Luke so that TBTL could become huge as a podcast and allow Luke's star to rise so KIRO could hire him back.
I agree that while Dave and Luke is interesting (I like Dave and I like Luke, they are two great tastes that almost taste great together). But Dori and Jessica is nauseating. When she started to read the news all sexy I started to lose interest (ack, I'm getting old), but when her role seeped out of the news reading box, or more accurately the sexy news breathing box, and she started to comment on the news she just read, uhm no. I don't hate Dori like so many of you, but I will stop listening if this grows.
What is the deal with the Jessica/Dori happy chats that have been muddying his show of late? Their banter so so so grating. Is Kiro management trying to make all of its shows tag teams? Dave & Luke and Dori & Jessica to go with Ron and Don?
I was there, the crowd was shouting "Luke!" in a long drawn out way. This is the usual thing when Luke is a panelist on the show.
Just reading up on the previous comments, and I enjoy reading the thoughts and questions about Schick. My understanding, as a Schick graduate, for the reason why smoking cessation is not emphasized to those battling more dangerous addictions is to decouple smoking from those addictions (how many people smoke when they drink? A lot!) so that relapse of one wouldn't trigger relapse of the other. Also, once the person has stopped using alcohol or other drugs and later they want to stop smoking, they know they can.
I've been thinking about Charlie and Ty lately, how can I get in touch with them?
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Jun 2, 2010