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Nancy Passow
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I've gotten the grandson one -- told him that unless one of my children forgot to tell me something, I have no grandchildren. Also got one from a Memorial Assoc. for Firefighters & Paramedics -- informed him that my daughter is a critical paramedic and his organization doesn't exist.
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The red bird in the birdbath -- such fun and great for a spring or summer month.
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Okay, I am the mayor of a variety of odd places (e.g., the Bogota, NJ post office). But I strongly support using vowels (I am a writer and I teach technical & business communications!) And I'm getting much better at ignoring the e-mail notifications on my phone (I know, I should turn them off). What I'm really working on is a happy medium -- after spending way too much time on Twitter last year, I'm hardly on it now; while we were going through some family life and death issues for the past three months, I didn't go on Facebook because I was afraid of wasting what little spare time I had. I'm slowly working my way back on both FB and Twitter (didn't even no there was an outage yesterday until I read about it). We'll see what happens.
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That's the whole point of profanity -- it's powerful when used strategically. But when someone uses it continuously, it loses it's power and just becomes an annoyance. If you use the f-word to describe everything, what do you use when you really need it? I was married and several years out of college the first time my father ever heard me use a bad word. I had driven my father, mother, and grandmother down to Princeton for my sister's class day (we lived in northern NJ) and we were heading on on the NJ Turnpike with my sister's mini-refrigerator in the back of my Pinto station wagon. It was raining and suddenly the driver-side windshield wiper flew off -- I said "sh*t" and realized my father had never heard me curse. Luckily my mother and grandmother were half asleep in the backseat and never heard me. We're many years down the road now and I still laugh when I hear my mom curse -- something very rare.
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Latest word is that they have reached $1MM ( but "It's not clear whether or not the celebrities themselves kicked in late-hour donations for the cause. A representative for the campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment."
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We should all be lucky enough to take a journey rather than just a trip. You're right that the stories make a difference -- on a business trip you fly somewhere, take care of business, and fly home. But if you are able to take a walk, or talk to people, or see something that is different from home, you're on your way to a journey. (And one quick correction -- slides aren't negatives, they're transparent versions of the actual photo. On a negative, the colors are the opposite of what they would really be, orange for blue, black for white, etc. We have boxes of slides that I'm supposed to someday scan and turn into digital photos.)
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As a relative newby to the world of Social Media, I tend to find all of the words of wisdom out there overwhelming. Your ten tips, however, make a lot of sense. And I'm happy to see I already follow some of them. Several are useful just for making and keeping business relationships (like watching the snarkiness level, something I definitely have to work on).
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Feb 26, 2010