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I'm terrible for being tempted by the new shiny storyline that hasn't run into any roadblocks yet, especially when Nanowrimo comes around and I feel justified for starting something new. But, as a pantser, I also know I write until I run out of steam, and then shelve it wherever I got to. I have half a dozen nanowrimo manuscripts waiting for me to finish them! Now I'm desperately trying to just write notes on the new ideas and save them for later, so I might actually finish and publish another book! I've started telling people my next book will be out by summer 2014 in the hope that the sheer terror of a date will make me get on and finish it!
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My first self-published novel, Dragon Wraiths, came to me in a dream. It wasn't like anything I had written before (or since), as it was a different genre and in the first person present rather than my usual third person. I didn't manage to capture more than the opening line by the time I'd wrestled past two kids to tap out words in my phone. But I wrote 30k words based on that first flash of inspiration. The rest took a bit more effort! I wish I could remember more dreams, as I often wake with a hint that I've lived through an epic story in my sleep.
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Jul 25, 2013