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Oh, no wonder everybody in Chennai has been cribbing about how HOT the damn city has become. Kathiri veyil!!! Ooooh the name sounds so ominous these days. It was never the case a couple of decades ago. Btw, LG, the 'ilaneer' - I completely agree with you on that. I used to love Coke and Pepsi when I was a kid, but I simply cannot stand the sugary-water (which is what it is!) these days. Arre, where is this LARGEST library? I would love to see it!!!!! Btw, again, your post says 'mournful' instead of 'mouthful' :-) :-)
Toggle Commented May 3, 2011 on Summer at I think
He he, Rama's point 5 is awesome :-) I enjoyed reading this quick list, LG. You like hand-washing clothes? I cannot stand it. But I do like ironing :-) :-) And I LOOOOOOOOOOVE shopping.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2011 on Like it, like it not at I think
Oh absolutely!!!! Contentment is so elusive to most people. The ones who possess it, are the ones who are happiest :-)
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2011 on Contentment at I think
Loved the post, Lakshmi!!! Went over to the 'dude's kindle' post too, and enjoyed his style of writing as well. You make a wonderful couple, and your kid has a kindle too? Whoa man, this is one very intelligent family! My better-half sleeps the moment he touches a book, and our brat yawns loudly at the sight of one! Sigh!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2011 on Books I read this year at I think
Gorgeous paintings, you are extremely talented!!! I find that in most paintings, the thing that is most difficult to capture is the serene expression of the deity, and you have done a fantastic job of it :-) Take a bow, lady!
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2011 on Glass painting after a long time at I think
Ha ha... first you complain about dusk, and someone has been kind enough to paint his house a BRIGHT orange, and you don't appreciate it? ;-) ;-) Seriously, what was he/she thinking :-)
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2011 on Driving at dusk at I think
Ha ha!!! Hilarious, and equally cruelly, TRUE! I wish, I just wish people would give a little more attention to the living/breathing folks around them, rather than a piece of crap metal!
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2011 on Notice at I think
Sounds like so much fun!!!!!!!!!! I've been wanting to watch a lIVE match in a stadium myself... wonder when that day will come!!!!!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2011 on IPL at I think
Lovely shots!!!! You're in Chennai? Wow, where where?
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2011 on Photos from cell phone camera at I think
Brilliant! This is something that ought to be read by EVERY youngster, and a permanent picture framed up on the wall!!! Thank you for sharing this.
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Apr 15, 2011