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My husband's a homebrewer and he loves the whole process. He recently bought a big, outdoor gas burner so he can brew in the summer time (DC heat + requirement for a/c = no summer brewing indoors). I have a few craft hobbies myself and I've come to the conclusion that all craft shops (in which category I would include homebrewing) should be judged on 3 basic factors: 1.) selection/quality, 2.) price, and 3.) willingness to educate. That last one is so key: it means the shop owner and employees know they're not just selling you something, they're creating a relationship with someone who may have something to teach THEM in the future. They're investing in a person who's going to contribute to the craft, be part of the community. Anything less than a helpful, friendly attitude and I just walk out the damn door.
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How funny - I once said to my mom (who is seventeen kinds of awesome), "I love it when you ask how one of my friends is by saying, 'How is my Wil?'* because it means I know you really like them." Just a contrast to hating "my" for connoting ownership... *Not, of course, the real example. Because I have never met Wil. But I am sure if he were a friend that my mother would inquire about "my Wil."
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Lovely - it does a lot of the same things (functionally) as those cardis that have long tails in the fronts, but much more attractively. For sheer brain-bendery, I also love EZ's baby surprise jacket. Oddly enough, though I hate hand-sewing, I like finishing. Weird, no?
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If you can manage it, I'd put all of the recreation on one side of the conference or the other and do an open-jaw flight (fly in to London, train to Edinburgh and fly home from that city or vice-versa). The train journey is pretty long, and while it will probably be pretty, it's not something you need to do twice in one week. Go to Oxford if you can manage it. It's an easy day trip from London. Christchurch is so incredibly lovely, and the Ashmolean museum is a little gem. I've always had good luck with Ecco shoes - sturdy, comfortable, and ubiquitous around Europe.
In addition to the Big Bang Theory total writeup, I would love to see a more in-depth writeup on your Guild experience. I loved the Fawkes/Codex arc and it would be great to hear more about how you worked with Felicia and the rest of the cast. I don't think I'm the only one here... anyone with me?
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::sigh:: Even with the frozen fingers, I wish I could have been there to help. Someone asked me the other day if fall in DC was my favorite season, and I said, "Nope. I'm from New England. It doesn't compare." The smells you described made me homesick as all heck. And I haven't done anything with clay since about 1986. For me, Plimoth Plantation was all about the livestock. Looking forward to hearing the further adventures of the clay oven!
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Hmm. Then close the valves of her attention Like stone.
Continue to spin that wheel, girl. This is good stuff.
AD&D. And it was... um... 25 years ago? So mostly I don't remember much of the play, just the stories that came out of it. We had a wonderful DM, a woman my mom's age with an acerbic sense of humor who got everyone sarcastically/affectionately calling my cleric character "Holiness."
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Awww. This is reminding me of many hours of D&D fun I had as a teen.
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