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What are some of your favorite crafty haunts in Vancouver? (please direct me to archives, if you've already covered this!) Was just there last weekend and did the Robson St. and Gastown flyby. I know about one great fabric store that I read about somewhere, but I don't know where it is. (Even if I did, it would have been hard to drag my husband there:) I was hoping to find a fun Japanese bookstore so I could pick up some fun crafting/crochet/knit books, but I couldn't find one. And Chinatown made me a wee bit nervous - it's not so much like our International district here in Seattle or the Chinatowns I know and love in SF or NYC. Maybe I was just on the wrong street(s). I'm itching to get back - I'm so close but haven't done near enough exploring there. If you love the snow, Whistler is great right now! Have fun! Cheers! PS - I took a huge basket of yarn with me (traveling by car - out for four+ days) and only managed to get a scarf done for a display at the yarn store where I work. I hope your efforts are more fruitful! That Koigu is yummy. What is the red ball?
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