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I've added a link to the post from Citizens for Honest Government I am speechless, or should I say nothing I am thinking is suitable to type. ... I am glad I was not there.
Great video I'll link to it down the road, when things start to get more brutally Honest. When I have more "Judicial Activism Sotomayor what when when." It helps put posts like Sotomayor logical fallacy all or nothing - Methodology for judicial activism into context.
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Steve you make the case for Romans 13 it is the responsibility of a state to slay wrongdoers or question terrorists. It is not the responsibility of individuals. Our role as individual citizens is to hold them only until we can hand them over to the state, if we ever encounter one. Passing judgment on them would make us criminals of the state (Vigilantes), and is not supported in scripture.
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Why can they not wait till after mother's day ... Planned parenthood is asking for people to make donations for abortions in their mothers name for mother's day. These people are heartless,
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"It is not without purpose that the ruler carries the sword. He is God's servant, to inflict his avenging wrath upon the wrongdoer" If somebody is looking for "Thou shall not commit torture," I would not look at Romans 13:4, Nor Rev. 13:10 ... now some may say Jesus changed the law, they should not look at Matt. 23:1-3 or Matt. 15:4 to support such a claim. Let me also add: "If a man is a danger to the community, threatening it with disintegration by some wrongdoing of his, then his execution for the healing and preservation of the common good is to be commended. Only the public authority, not private persons, may licitly execute malefactors by public judgement. Men shall be sentenced to death for crimes of irreparable harm or which are particularly perverted."(St. Thomas Aquinas, 'Summa Theologica', II; 65-2; 66-6.)
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