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Oh man. Where do I start? I am equal parts emotionless robot and emo crybaby - depending on when you catch me. And when I'm one, don't even remind me that I'm sometimes the other, because I'll deny it. I want to push the boundaries of my community while still be accepted by it. Except for the times when I want the community to be more like ME. My life is either incredible or falling apart at the seems, depending on the day (or hour) that you ask me. Summed up, I'm very rarely simply HAPPY. Conflicted? All the time. I feel you, man.
Sorry to jump in on this conversation so late in the game, but I thought I'd chime in. I recently made a very similar move myself, from Tucson, AZ to Duluth, MN. The family and I made the move on the theory that maybe God wanted us in Duluth, but we weren't sure if we really believed that to be true. Since my wife & I were both skeptics, it was a vague kind of hunch - but then again, doors in Tucson seemed to be closing, and doors in Duluth seemed to be opening, so we went with it in a kind of "what the hay" mindset. I can completely understand your hesitation, and all that said, I don't have any solid advice for you. It's worked out pretty well for me, so far, including an encounter that has cleared away the vestiges of atheism I was carrying around and made me realize that yeah, okay, I was stupid about God for a very long time, and wouldn't Duluth be a great place to live while I wise up? Also, on your "name it & claim it" theme, I'm reminded of an article I read about God & the office of the president of the United States. The article was written during the George W. Bush administration, and the author took the stance that President Bush believed that he had been chosen by God to be president - and that as a result, his actions were, by definition, correct. Otherwise, why would God have made him president? The article then goes on to compare that viewpoint to the belief held by Abraham Lincoln that HE had been ordained by God to lead the nation. His take on it, the author stressed, was that he had been chosen by God - and as a result, he had to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL about what decisions he made, because he didn't want to screw up the situation God had put him in. With that in mind, I wonder if the different between "name it & claim it" mentality versus a healthy ear for listening to the voice of God might not just be simple, old-fashioned humility.
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