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Sweet. Still, wondering when funders are going to start connecting the dots on climate and climate justice. Shutting down oil drilling (and fracking operations) are only one piece of the puzzle here. Drawdown is equally critical. And supporting youth and communities to organize around actions to achieve climate justice will help support progress in other areas of traditional interest (public health, jobs, migration, etc.). Look at the growing interest in a Green New Deal. Listen to youth. Respect the power of nature and what the scientists are trying to communicate about the urgency of the issue. Donors need to start paying attention. We don't have time to waste.
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Love it! That's the church I attended up to the age of 9.
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O, frabjous day!!
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Still, calling the governor's office (916-445-2841) and urging him to sign SB840 seemed like a justifiable use of time. I was only on hold for about 3 minutes.
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Spectacular news!! Made my week. And a beautiful post, too. What a great happiness loop you created out there on DK. Shine on.
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No Jozilee, the sewer system has its own separate infrastructure. The LA River is an actual river (and the main reason the pueblo was founded here) and was the city's primary water source until Mulholland's aqueduct started sucking Owens Valley dry and the Corps of Engineers turned a beautiful resource into a means to throw every drop of rainwater AWAY rather than maintain it here for drinking supply. A move that's starting to look pretty retarded as climate change and drought set in and the courts have begun restricting our ability to import water from NorCal and Colo.
Haven't read the Butler, but I will now - thanks! Here's a few others off the top of my head for your collapse series: Jean Hegland's Into the Forest, Margaret Atwood's Oryx & Crake, and Russell Hoban's Riddley Walker. Glad to hear from you again. Your last photo glows with a radiant peace. Sending you light, love & courage daily.
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Did you happen to catch this piece in the LA TImes?
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