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I 'think' his first name was either Scott or Mike. I don't remember clearly (it was 40 years ago) and we all had to call him either "Mr." or "Coach". Funny thing is, it never even occurred to me to waste time searching the Taterskin's rosters through the 60s or early 70s to find him until your comment. Having now done that, I haven't found him anywhere, though it was not what you would call an exhaustive search. Still, it is entirely possible that he was just a resume-lying-big-talking-half-assed-high-school football coach. It never mattered enough to me to find out. As to whether or not I believed him or agree with him, the answers are no, and no. I didn't agree with him then, and don't now. In any sport where individual achievement is paramount (wrestling, boxing, baseball) fixing the outcome is very easy. But football, among all, is a sport that requires all players do their job to achieve a victory. If you want one or two to 'throw a game', you could probably accomplish that. But these are athletes at the very top of their sport, and those who 'cause' a loss will draw the ire of teammates. It is beyond statistically improbable that players like Megatron or Barry Sanders would remain silent concerning a rigged NFL. They both are among the very best to have ever played their positions, and they both left the game early because the team they played for did not seem to have a chance at winning a championship. Those men have the very best reason to expose a conspiracy, and yet neither has done so. When one of them come out and claim the NFL is rigged, I will listen. It's easy to confuse causation in extraordinary events. McNabb's pass, Butler's interception in SB 49 when a Beast-quake was called for, Bryant's non-catch in the NFC playoff against the Packers, Rodgers' hail marys. None of those are likely, but to assume a greater hand than just the best athletes being the best requires a lot more proof than just "I didn't see that coming ..." I'm not saying that the game and sport aren't manipulated in a variety of ways. Officials are inconsistent given the will of league owners, the Commissioner is a tool, and the spectacle (politics) frequently gets in the way of actual sport. But rigged? No.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2017 on Week 5 Picks at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
You couldn't be more welcome. Thank you for reading them. Exciting and time consuming things are happening at my work, so I may not be able to post divisional round picks. I hope you stay on board anyway.
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2017 on Wildcard Weekend - 2017 at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
I "fathom it" just fine, Liz. Understanding it isn't my problem. As for the 47% that didn't vote, I do have a problem with them. But for the most part, they haven't posted on a blog about burning their ballots to make a specious point about how choosing the greater evil is okay because the other choice wouldn't have helped them much, personally. And for all your caterwaul about it, neither you, nor Wikileaks nor anyone else has been able to show any real evidence of Clinton's dire corruption. Hell, you even regurgitated a fake news story about Clinton was about to be indicted because of her hacked email server. As for "my people", Organized Labor, what's left of it, still supported Clinton in the end. It's the "what's left of it" part that's the biggest problem. Eric, I see that your reading comprehension hasn't improved much. The Democratic party is in shambles. I freely admit that. I fairness to you, most of my writing has been on Facilebook, and there I've been pointing out that in order for a new party to arise, one of the existing had to fall. I had hopes that it would be the Reopublicants. A new party will arise, and it probably will be under the Democratic name. But it won't come from the Greens, or the democratic socialist or the kindness to all folk, despite what Lizard might hope. All of their talk of the betrayal of Dems, and the Overton window and the people being on their side, well that's crap now. What will come from this debacle will rise from the growing split among conservatives, with a pretty heavy shift to the social right. Some Republicans are already noticing that Trump's transition team is chock full of lobbyists and racists, and they're not too happy about it. Trump is still facing fraud and harassment charges. It wouldn't surprise me one bit that there are those who planned this such that we get President Pence. (There's a conspiracy theory for ya') Either way, I'm not going anywhere. I will still likely do the bulk of my political writing on Facilebook, and my football blogging here. Hell, Eric's Raiders are finally starting to make things interesting.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2016 on Privilege at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
So lizard, you're seriously going to tell me that if others don't make the effort you want, you'll screw with whomever you like by not making the effort to cast a simple vote? That you're overwhelmed with your own privilege is obvious, but now I'm beginning to think you're just lazy and excusing it by pointing fingers at everyone else. The last stanza of your 'day after' post was truly clarifying. Behind the elegant exposition was a simple statement. "Things won't get much worse for me, so fuck all of you." The lower income people I work with will be certain to see your logic when their taxes actually increase when Trump rubber-stamps Ryan's budget reconciliation bill. Without a doubt our LGBT friends will understand your principled stance of 'doing nothing' as their very rights and lives are now literally more threatened than they have been in 35 years. Hell, whats the problem with a white nationalist as a chief policy advisor if it doesn't lower your health insurance costs? Or an anti-science Education Secretary if he helps you put your kids in a private school, perhaps a military academy with brown shirts and ties? No Liz, you're not going to white-wash your culpability by claiming me a 'Hillary supporter, do or die'. I had a tantrum, according to you, in a post. Your tantrum has been going for years. And now you have your way. The "corruption" of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, most of which you fabricated and endorsed in your head have finally be defeated. A party that practiced bad politics is now in shambles. Meanwhile, a truly, empirically, visibly and quite openly corrupt conman is going to become President. You got your way, Toddler. Don't hold your fucking breath expecting anyone to thank you for it. That won't happen. You still miss the obvious. I'm not an eviro-dude-bro, or a kindness in all things liberal, or a social justice warrior, or a technocratic Neo-lib. I'm a labor Democrat who believes that organized workers actually provide the best path for this country, environmentally, socially, and empathically. 'My people' have fostered social justice, and equality, and economic egalitarianism. By not getting involved, you've taken a shit on all of that. You want to stop income inequality? Unfair gender and race practices? Environmental decline? Most Americans are with me in opinion. You pretend to share those, but obviously don't. You want something from your existence in this country? Quit blaming friends for you being lazy. You fucked up, and you ain't getting anything you want. You just want the rest of us to absolve you of the pain that we can't get what we want either. Make that selfish, and lazy. Billbob writes: "Trump will open gas, coal and oil leases... Anthropogenic climate change will continue and accelerate. Wealth distribution upward will continue. The US remains an empire in decline." All this and far more occurred under Obama, and would have continued under Clinton. President Trump will do nothing to change these dynamics. You're just kinda ignorant, aren't you? Some of those slowed and actually reversed under Obama. Not the empire stuff, mind you, but leases and global climate change gases from 'Murica? Oh yes. Wealth redistribution even slowed. But you actually think it's somehow "smart" to write that because these problems weren't fixed under Obama it's a-okay to let them accelerate under Trump? People who didn't vote elected Trump. That's simple math. See, Clinton won the popular vote, and the electoral picture would have changed dramatically if people would have voted their concerns instead of cowardly buying the media narrative of false equivalence, hiding behind not voting and blaming the rest of us for it. You were more concerned that Hillary and the DNC would perpetuate a two party system you don't like (even though it's pretty much written into the Constitution) than that a petulant narcissist would take control of the security apparatus of the US, both domestic and foreign. You're a special kinda stupid, aren't you?
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2016 on Privilege at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
"Why are you pissed at the voters?" That's precisely where you start off wrong, Eric. Can you read? I'm not pissed at voters. I'm pissed off at non-voters. I'd like think you get that, but you clearly don't.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2016 on Privilege at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
The Titans - Texans mix up has been fixed. Brain dysfunction. I still have faith in the Bronco defense, even without a quality QB. Great article on today about the Quarterback position. It's a great read. Quarterbacking in 2016
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2016 on Week 1 Picks at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
Greg, if that's the case, then i suggest that you aren't looking. There is a significant and obvious difference between the MTSC and the SCOTUS. We elect our SC justices in this state, and their roles are clearly defined in our Constitution. This does tend to make the seats far more political in nature, and exposes them to political review at regular intervals. If you haven't heard anything yet, just wait. It's coming. However, federal law and Constitution always trumps state, as ruled by the SCOTUS (Altria v. Good and many other rulings.) Notice how very few Montanans could even name that ruling from 2008. SCOTUS justices are appointed, often from and with political agendas, and they serve for life or term of choice. As I indicated, from the very beginning, the SCOTUS has had some ability to define it's own role in the separation of powers, which according to Bush v. Gore extends to selecting who our President will be. That would be a President who nominated two justices strengthening the already conservative anti-citizenry bent of our current court. Apologies if I didn't address the weak electoral power granted by Montanans to their Justice system. Perhaps you can do a better job of posting about what I obviously didn't care to post about in the first place.
Eric, Good call. NR, thank you and you're welcome. In 1998, Elway surprised all of Bronco Nation by coming back for one last season, a season we all knew would be his last. Winning SB 33 was bitter-sweet, kinda like this one. Regardless of what pundits or swamis are saying, Peyton's mom and dad have said he should retire on top. That's what I think he will listen to, and that we have come to the end of a terrific era. On the plus side, though we may be losing Manning - Brady, we have many years to enjoy Newton - Wilson - Luck - Rodgers.
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2016 on Am I Scared? at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
Mark, you freely admitted to being dis-associative. You fugue out. That's okay, you're just as fucked up as the rest of us. Yet somehow, someway, you keep claiming with shriveled nutsack that I did what has been proven I could never do. Go home, little boy. You got nothing on me, Monty. Quit begging for hits on your pathetic conspiracy website. You are a mental case, and I've no interest in feeding your disease.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2016 on Week 17 Picks at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
Gentlemen, I grudgingly admit that the league as a whole is much more fun when the AFC West is competitive. It was even nice to see SanAngeles win.
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2015 on Week 15 Picks at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
I'm not doing that with the frequency I should because I'm at the stage where the pain stops the exercise. This bout has been a bad one.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2015 on Week 15 Picks at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
Healing is definitely needed, as sciatica has me in a heavy grip right now. And I don't know if it counts as healing, but I have been one helluva lot happier since I ceased being a foil for the mythologies of others and started to focus almost exclusively on what brings me joy. I still think Rex can coach, but he seems committed to the idea that life does to him, and he takes responsibility for what he really believes he can't control. Those Bills have talent, especially on the D side. If he would pay attention, he'd notice that the team so longer suffers from NohasQB Simplex 1. Washington is playing above their level, but the Bills should easily be able to take them down. So it really is all on Rex.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2015 on Week 15 Picks at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
Craig, that's exactly why I don't put money on football. (Though I do have a one dollar bet this week with a friend on the Broncos Steelers game ...)
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2015 on Week 15 Picks at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
I'm not convinced that Osweiler can keep up with the scoring machine of Roeslethsberger and company. I am still blocked at CG's. I emailed 'her' with a complaint about the moderation concerning another and 'she' told me that my comments simply aren't "appearing". Which basically means that the site owner has abdicated the throne to Montana Intemperance. I have commented a couple of times past the moderator concerning the U system, which I know a little bit about. But whoever the moderator is, they will get no apology or even a kind word from me.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2015 on Week 14 Picks at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
Thanks Craig. I'm actually enjoying his latest tact, that since power can only be known by how we can't see it, our ignorance of it's structure proves that structure exists. An Argument to Ignorance is my favorite fallacy to poke fun at. As for the Broncos, I was kind of afraid that would happen, and that's why I thought this would be Osweiler's toughest test yet. They were out-coached by Del Rio, who knew exactly how to unleash Khalil Mack. I'm not happy with Kubiak's lack of adaptability. Kudos to the Raiders; I think they will be grieving the rest of the AFC West for a decade to come.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2015 on Week 14 Picks at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
Well, Mark, one prediction I made with absolute certainty is that you were too much of a narcissistic blowhard to actually leave off blogging when you said you would. Hell, you actually find your lack of integrity somehow excusable because you are, well, you. Another that I've made many times and been 100% correct about is that when you feel neglected you lash out begging for hits and response. You are an attention whore, and you bore me, fucker. Go away.
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2015 on Week 12 Picks at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
And to all the fringers out there whining 'this person didn't do exactly what I wanted', I have one question: Are you a democrat or a rapist?
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2015 on Twits at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
I kinda did this to myself by being a "large donor" to Jon Tester in '06. I believed in the man, and gave accordingly. No matter how many times I am told by the fringe that Tester is a Judas or a Dino, I still believe that he has acted and continues to act as a fine representative of myself, my country, and my state. The 11th having just passed, I do not think our veterans are 'heroes', but we damned sure owe them an obligation of care. That was a promise we made when we put them in the line of fire. Tester has done more than almost all of our dysfunctional Senate to see that we fulfill that obligation. It isn't 'for the soldiers', it's for us, that we keep our promises. I like that about the man. The MT Democratic party has lost sight of 2 incredibly important things. 1) That people come before party, and that means the people running as much as the people they are supposed to represent. Amanda Curtis was a good candidate out of her depth, and the party laid back counting on D cred to carry the day. Of fucking course it didn't. She needed guidance, support, and exposure as well as money for loser attack ads. She needed solidarity based on who she was, not party. And that's the thing. The MDP counts on historical Democrats to fall in line with their new love of money and branding. While the Republicants took family values and working ideals away from them, they didn't learn one damned thing except spend, squander, and shrug about how stupid people can be for voting for the other guy. 2) The MTDP has abandoned workers. Oh they'll make great hue and cry about how they support "labor", but completely forget that they are the ones who voted to deregulate and de-unionize at the request of Ronnie Raygun. The overwhelming majority of Montana workers were never unionized, and now that unions have been so reduced in power, the MTDP gives them lip-service and completely fails to support the largest unions still active among state employees. Further, they fail to recognize at all that most Montanans work for a living and are taxed to support growth except for growth of the middle class, those who work. Schweitzer got that message of support out loud and clear. What's happening now? Did their balls just drop off? No. I am not giving money to the Montana Democratic party, or the national party which seems even more inept. I'm not signing their fucking petitions. I'm not calling the office of the unfriendly (that I didn't vote for) to give Daines' secretary a hard time. I'm not going to tell the President how he's not serving my state party's ambition. And I'm not gonna tell Republicants how they are screwing everything up when they have willing support from the party I supposedly 'serve'. I will not buy into the lie that a "D" will serve me. I'm a person, and I want people who represent me
Toggle Commented Nov 13, 2015 on Twits at A Chicken Is Not Pillage
I can always count on you to miss the completely obvious, Eric. I'm not writing about black on black crime, or racially motivated attacks by psychos. The problem we have is a racially motivated police state, and racist gits like you who defend it.
I don't know about that, Abe. Smith is one the very best route runners I've ever seen in the game. He should be in the HoF, but sadly never will be. McCaffrey is the definition of over-achiever, the earlier model of Wes Welker, but suffered when he didn't have Elway's cannon throwing him the ball. Sharpe is in a universe all his own. He broke the mold of tight-end as just another receiver or a blocker who catches balls, and that's why he's in the HoF. He was unique and deserves mention in any conversation of greatest tight ends of all time. BUT, Thomas and Sanders were both among the NFL's top 10 receivers of last season. DT is easily among the league's top 5 if not top 3. He has HoF potential, recognizing that the Hall voters seem to have a particular disdain for both Broncos and wide outs. Sanders, especially from the slot, is better than you give him credit for being. Orange Julius was a product of system as we will find out in his tenure in Florida. Manning has made TEs famous before and I wouldn't doubt him doing it again this year.
Slightly off topic but timely: Greg, it isn't going to do anyone any good if you get yourself banned at Cowgirl. An anecdote to clarify my meaning, many years ago when I actually agreed with much of what Norma had to write, I politely pointed out that as a candidate for office she might want to consider getting an editor. Her response was, and I quote "fuck off and get a life" This was a candidate responding to a supporter, most of whose family lived in her district. Since that time she has decreed that I am a racist, a sexist, a bully, a fake democrat, a liar about my own life and a troll. This is the person that website has embraced. Arguing about her writing skills or lack thereof will get you banned. I know you're right, you know you're right, hell even MT Cartman Intemperance probably knows that you're right. But their decision has been made and MT Intemperance has authority issues about seeming week, or even contemplative. I reiterate, getting yourself banned there will do no one any good at all.
Thank you, Lizard. A Brahman, untouchable due to status, posted about how we must favor local regulation due to the weakening of federal legislation, effectively arguing that we must distrust federal pre-emption. Not a bad idea as far as it goes, but those of us familiar with the tactics of Racicot, Fred Thomas and Goldman Sachs have seen this before in energy legislation. Devide and conquer, based on weak state's right claim. The protected argued that Hill was being bought by corporatists, never bothering to ask why Ellie Hill favored allowing Uber into Montana. At the risk of offense, I asked you why you hadn't as well and receivied no response. Whether one agrees with the response Ellie Hill posted, that Missoula was being poorly served by inadequate taxi service, it was out of line to accuse her of being bought and payed for by ALEC and the coporazi. That is precisely what Norma did, because Norma was defending her lively-hood as a taxi service. I don't have a problem with that, per se. What I do have a problem with is this: Angrily, stupidly, petulantly identifying enemies in every personal corner is precisely the problem that democrats have. It is not democratic. It is not a winning scenario. I realize that many on the farther left are convinced that I am some kind of enemy, but in most respects they make the same damned mistake. The point of the democratic ideal is to listen to others, as opposed to thinking about what you have to say to shut those others up. That latter is exactly how Ellie Hill was treated at Cowgirl. It was pretty damned shabby. And she's not the only one.
I've noticed at least 5 times in the last several months folks at that website embracing arguments that aren't just poorly considered, but downright counter-productive. Conservative arguments, arguments that the Republicants, both factions, use to beat progressives over the head with, to electoral defeat. And they do so in the name of being personally 'right' as opposed to being right for Montana or the people of Montana. No offense meant, but there are times I do not like your arguments either in style or content, the Ad Hominem about old women being one of them. But when examining what you say in a discussion the last thing I care about is your 'tone' or your 'station'. If you have a good point to make it should be heard, and frequently you do. It does no one any favors to see those points are lost in a sea of Ad Hominem and dismissal. One of the true power-houses in the Democratic party is Ellie Hill. To see her treated so shabbily at Cowgirl made my brain hurt, treated such by people who claim themselves the great defenders of progressive democratic values.
And please notice that after my last moderated comment, which of course no one has read,and Its "final warning" It offered the lame idea that a person responding directly to me or responding exactly to what I had written should not be reacted to by me. I was taking it too personally. This from the fucking jackass who told me that I was not allowed to respond to certain others, AT ALL. That, that right there, is the heart and soul of the "bullying" that I have been accused of. MT Intemperance is a hypocrite of the first order. And the respect, support, and acknowledgment I have attempted to show to MT Cowgirl as a blogger has taken a major hit. (No, I did not read that bullshit until today.)
They may not be lively or stimulating, but, boy howdy, aren't they 'agreeable'?