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Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Missourian
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Thanks Pattie! A reader at FB just mentioned they are available at CVS and Walgreens. Good luck, hope you can find them!
Thanks so much Christine! Our floors are very easy to keep clean. We vacuum and use the Bona system/kit for cleaning wood floors. It all works great, even with sweet old Molly shedding and all sorts of folks coming through the house. We haven't had a problem with the hand scraped wood or all the nooks and crannies of this particular floor. The installers did not use a shoe.
Thanks Judy! The chairs are Ethan Allen.
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2016 on Worth the Wait at Back Porch Musings
Happy Easter, Karen!
Thank you, Pinky! Our babies do indeed outgrow our laps pretty quickly! Happy Easter!
Thank you, Sheila! Happy Easter!
I've enjoyed putting together the TBT posts. Happy Easter, Shirley!
Happy Easter, Liz and a belated Happy Birthday!
No I don't believe your baby girl will be spoiled one bit!:-) Happy Easter!
Thanks so much, Jeanie! Happy Easter!
Happy Easter, Sandy!
Thank you Marianne! Gabi is almost as tall as I am! I can't believe it. She out grew my shoe size last year! Happy Easter!
If we have Easter dinner at home we usually do the traditional ham. We sometimes meet at a nice restaurant. This year, eldest daughter and son in law are hosting. I don't know what the meal is. I ordered an edible arrangement. The kiddos love those.:-) Happy Easter!
Thank you, Deborah! Six more days for Spring!:-)
Thank you, Shirley!
Thanks, Jenna!
Thanks, Mary! The eggs are wood. I have had them several years. Haven't located them in the basement boutique yet, though!
Thank you, Karen!
Thanks, Pinky! We've had some rain, but the temps have been wonderful.
Thank you, Marilyn!
Thanks, Jeanie!
Thank you, Judy. I just chop the cabbage in chunks and put it in a little water, not much, cover and cook until tender. Add a bit of butter and salt and pepper at the end.
Thanks, Marianne! It's been a few years since I did anything much for St Pat's. I did these tables back when I was participating in the table setting parties. I don't do those much anymore.
Thanks, Linda. I should see if I can find a Shamrock plant. Love them!
Thank you, Penny!