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The BABYMETAL video is super cool, but HIGH FIDELITY is even cooler, because its OpenSource-P2P approach guarantees the maximum amount of freedom a platform can offer as well as its immortality. I can put fancy stuff like this on the blockchain based marketplace: The commerce system also offers some interesting blueprints for global copyright handling - which will be indispensible in the future (of VR): Most importantly there is no other application which let's you FEEL SO GOOD in VR! The physics are impeccable and the crazy stuff you can do with them is just rad :-) VRock on & Best Wishes, XaosPrincess (fangirl ;-) )
Being able to attend a conference in Asia without leaving one's home on the other side of the world also has just been fantastic for the inworld audience!!
Hello Leslie, thanx a lot for your article! I wish more of these kind of writings would have been accessible in Europe around 2004 - as it definitely would have made me curious about Second Life which I unfortunately only visited recently. My question to you: After your experiences there - would you consider for yourself to build friendships or have a social life in virtual worlds? And if (not) so - why (not)? Best Wishes, XaosPrincess
I (female) can spend up to nine hours in HMD (even floating upside down) without getting dizzy. I'm convinced that the human body can adapt to VR, it just has to be trained. I started off slowly by doing VR maybe half an hour a day and then moved my timescale up by indulging in it 10 minutes more each day. Also I think playing Elite Dangerous for six months really helped me, as this is a game consisting of 90% very calm movements which then let you enjoy the 10% of wilder fighting time even more. And on the psychological side imho it really helps to embrace the dizziness as enjoyable bodily sensation (comparable to funfair attractions) instead of trying to fight it off as something unwanted.
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Mar 28, 2017