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Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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Interests: Marathon training, Running, tennis, cuddling, sunsets, gustav klimt, passion, salsa dancing, *laughing at myself*, angels & saints, auras, aveda & origins, banana republic, candles & incense, comidas del yucatan, egyptian cotton dress shirts, enjoying the moments, etta jones, freaky hardcore love, jockstrap love, judith owen, julia fordham, lighthouse family, loving each day, men in suits, merlot & cafe zin, my fabulous fruit flies, nadine zahr, ncaa football, pebbles of hope, pocket full of dreams, rey ruiz, saint rita of cascia, saint therese, searching within my soul, the golden girls, to love without fear, university of texas longhorns, god, billie holiday, sade, dinah washington, bette davis, ella fitzgerald, ab fab, albita, alfred stieglitz, all about eve, beth hart, compassion, confidence, ella mae morse, foreplay, ginny owens, gourmet cranberry mustard, middle eastern cuisine, morning coffee with god, nichole nordeman, paul gorshkov, saint bernadette, saint peregrine, san antonio spurs, spiritual orgasms, umbrella cockatoos, a beautiful smile
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Yes, I always adore our conversations. Thank you, Jude...You're the best! Love you always... Here's to Us...Cheers!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2013 on Happy Birthday to ME! at Xavierism
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Hahaha...I love the wrong pill bit! This was such a great song and video. It had me thinking a great deal yesterday. Hope you enjoyed every bit of Canada. Stay cool. Love you, Jude... xoxoxoxoxo
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2013 on Brave at Xavierism
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Not bad for 49, eh??? ***Randon Play *Dara MacLean: You Got My Attention *Lawson: Chapman Square *Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes: Baby Caught The Bus *Sara Bareilles: The Blessed Unrest *Lisa Stansfield: Biography - The Greatest Hits *Christopher Jak: Applause of The Rain This is it...this is my last blog post on / This blog has allowed me to be creative in so many ways. I enjoyed updating and sharing with family, friends all over, and various readers. I was ready to shut my blog down last year and later changed my mind and continued with this... Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2013 at Xavierism
Oh need a drink!!! :) Hope things are better there. I'm certain you've heard about the sadness that's taken over here in Arizona concerning the lost lives of the 19 firefighters. We're reminded over and over that there's no guarantee as far as tomorrow is concern. Hope you have a cooler week & I so wish you were nearby. Happy Canada Day!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2013 on Hump Day / June 26th at Xavierism
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***Trainer Summer Hensley at AmenZone Primal Fitness often plays this song immediately after Primal workouts and as we warm down. After today's class, I immediately came home and really took a listen to this song and lyrics. I'm madly in love with this song that's all about Truth. Love Love Love this Song. Thank you, Summer for introducing us to this song... You can be amazing You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug You can be the outcast Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love Or you can start speaking up Nothing’s gonna hurt... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2013 at Xavierism
Praise! :) You're so silly. Thank you. I'm feeling purdy today. Hope the rains in your area have let up for now. We need the rain here...send it this way! Love you!!! xoxoxoxo
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2013 on Hump Day / June 26th at Xavierism
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Bon dia! Up early and ready for a 5:30am Boxing Class led by Taylor Wright-Johnson at AmenZone's South Scottsdale location. Bring it on! Continue reading
Posted Jun 26, 2013 at Xavierism
Caitlin Crosby's Love Is The Key at TEDxBend I love Caitlin's speech and just had to share with friends. It's true - Everybody has a story. Inspiration is Inspiration. Caitlin's story inspired me and thought that it may inspire a reader and or friend. After you watch this, just remember that Love Is The Key... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2013 at Xavierism
Randy Crawford & band performing Purple Rain ***Random Play *Randy Crawford: Naked and True *Nichole Nordeman: Woven & Spun *The Yeah You's: Looking Through You *Gary Go: Self Titled CD *Cheyenne Jackson: I'm Blue, Skies *Bernhoft: Solidarity Breaks It's only Thursday but it's been a rough week. Thanks to Joy, she reminded me to breathe and give my worries to God and do the best that I can. Ahhhh...amazing how a few words of Kindness and Love from a dear friend can remind you that Hope is alive through our Faith. My Faith serves as a Messenger of God --... Continue reading
Posted Jun 20, 2013 at Xavierism
Thank you! How's your garden and yard looking this Summer??? Yes, that is your coffee was delish! Shall I pour you another cup???? Love you!!!! xoxoxoxoxo
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2013 on The Crack House Nearby... at Xavierism
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Yes, you are so right about the plants. I have a few gorgeous plants and mini trees but they're in the shade. It's been so hot that I only place them around the pool during cooler weather. I really need to add plants and shrubs that can handle the heat. Pity parties = donuts!!! Yummmmmm!!! <--- NOOOOO!!!! Hahahahaha I feel the Love. You're the best! xoxoxoxoxo
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2013 on Splash! at Xavierism
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Morning Coffee While Chillin' In The Pool ***Random Play *Sia: Favorite Remixes of Sia's Hits *Gary Go: Self Titled CD *Kerrie Roberts: Time For The Show *The Yeah You's: Looking Through You *Toni Collette: Beautiful Awkward Pictures *Colton Dixon: A Messenger Marathon training is in full swing! I'm quite excited about this whole process. Thanks to good friend and personal trainer, Gil, we've worked out a training program. I need to get on track with a nutritional program to help boost energy. After a conversation with personal trainer and nutritionist, Jason Sani, after a Primal workout at AmenZone's South Scottsdale... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2013 at Xavierism
Gotta work on the yard decor --- it needs a little somethin' somethin'!!!
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2013 on Splash! at Xavierism
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Pool is Ready! ***Random Play *Mutya Buena: Real Girl *Christopher Jak: Applause Of The Rain *The Script: Self Titled CD *Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes: Baby Caught The Bus *Nathan Angelo: Through Playing Me *Edens Edge: Self Titled CD Emotionally thankful it's a new day. So much going on today -- no time for pity parties. Looking forward to a weekend with great friends & good times. Wine is chilling. Pool is ready. Bring on the weekend! *****CHEERS!***** Current Music: Nathan Angelo's Mary Poppins' Birds Current Mood: Back in an Emotionally Good Place Continue reading
Posted Jun 14, 2013 at Xavierism
Awwww...Thank you, Tam! If I could, I'd buy you a Krispy Kreme right now! Thank you. You're gonna laugh at a few of my mental ramblings -- you are. Be prepared! I believe I can complete a marathon but when doubt steps in, it's rough to picture or have the belief. I just gotta get back to a good place and just do it. I know I'll have a cute outfit for that race! Thanks so much. We're gonna have fun in Long Beach --- PRAISE!!!! See ya this weekend! xo
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2013 on Chill The F*ck Out! at Xavierism
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***Random Play *Christopher Jak: Applause Of The Rain *Mutya Buena: Real Girl *The Script: Self Titled CD *Francessca Battistelli: Hundred More Years *Matchbox Twenty: North *Britt Nicole: Gold It's been a week. I believe it's my time of the month because I've turn into a snowball of emotions. Little things that usually are no big deal have become bigger than Life. Ugh...I hate when I get like this because my mind races, my tongue and brain reacts, and verbally I just lash out. So for most of this week, I've allowed myself to keep to myself, think, mediatate & pray.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 13, 2013 at Xavierism
Bon dia, Jude! I can't wait to see pics of your garden -- Yes, please! I hate that Ella is growing means so are we! Ella has been such a joy. Little Girl isn't quite normal. Her body is figured a bit differently from her shoulders and wings area. We have no idea if she is in any pain but she's a happy little Angel most of the time. Only time she's pissy is when she's hungry!!!! <--- I believe she picked that up from Rodan!
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2013 on Happy Birthday, Ella! at Xavierism
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Minutes after Ellas was brought to us... Today is Ella's Day of Hatch (June 10th, 2006) - She is 7 years old today. Our Little Girl had a rough start but now is a constant joy in our house. I'm so happy that Rodan talked me into keeping her. Happy Birthday, Baby Ella!!! Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2013 at Xavierism
I so agree with you. We have so much to thank for...we're blessed! Yes, I love my morning runs. I say that now. I'll let you know how things go once I start marathon training and running more miles per week - EEEEKKKK! You make me smile, Jude!!!! Enjoy the weekend! Love you!!!! xoxo
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2013 on D-Day at Xavierism
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D-Day / June 6th, 1944 I love watching movies, listening to music, and reading about World War II. I loved how the American public did everything they could to support this country and the troops. We'll always remember D-Day. Thank you to all those that countinue to serve in the US military and those that are true Alllies of our Country. It's been a great week. Running and workouts at AmenZone are going well. I forgot exacly how challenging the Primal classes are that I've had to adjust my nutrition and daily calorie count. There were a few days where... Continue reading
Posted Jun 6, 2013 at Xavierism
Water is must c'mon over today!!! xoxoxo
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2013 on Goals, Faith, & Blessings at Xavierism
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It was 110 degrees yesterday and the water was perfect. Yep, it's Pool Time! Continue reading
Posted Jun 2, 2013 at Xavierism
I'm craving a donut. Hahahahaha :)
Toggle Commented May 31, 2013 on Goals, Faith, & Blessings at Xavierism
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Jude! The pool feels amazing. Ahhh... Yes, come over and join me. I'll make a few Espresso martinis. Enjoy the weekend! xoxoxoxoxo
Toggle Commented May 31, 2013 on AmenZone! at Xavierism
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Sade's By Your Side (Live) /Oakland, CA -- August 26th, 2011 *Sade clip courtesy of YouTube's ConcertKid2 ***Random Play *Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes: Baby Caught The Bus *The Script: Science & Faith *Amanda Marshall: Tuesday's Child *Jennifer Knapp: Letting Go *Sade: Bring Me Home - Live 2011 CD *Will Young: Echoes After an early morning run and a Primal Class at AmenZone, I feel pretty good this afternoon. I'm ready to enjoy a quiet weekend at home in and around the pool. I plan to work on marathon training plan, work on my personal journal about the new... Continue reading
Posted May 31, 2013 at Xavierism