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The voice of one, crying out to no one in the Wilderness
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Posting comments to her beloved baloney here until she opens back up commenting on her blog. I welcome comments. Because the truth is never afraid. Oh, Kavanaugh is going down. HARDER than a drunken frat rapist falling over a second story railing. Headfirst. Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2019 at RESPONSE TO MONICA
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Nov 6, 2018
You know that victory dance? I'm dancing tonight. The Antichrist President is going down. Hard. Continue reading
Posted Nov 6, 2018 at RESPONSE TO MONICA
So here we are! As I promised, I'd be back. And so I am! Victory Dance, part one! ALL the right's attempts to prop up Bernie as the Socialist Commie they'd MOST like to crush in a general, failed MISERABLY. Isn't it awesome? The first woman President of the US.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2016 at RESPONSE TO MONICA
I appreciate that Dave, but I did consider some of your advice to me earlier about frightening her to heart. That is the last thing I ever meant to do. I should have realized she IS a celebrity, and celebrities have to deal with that kind of crap on an everyday basis. Me, not so much. Yet. And in today's world, not just celebs, but all women. #yesallwomen Beyond that, trying to get a person to do a 180 is a horrible way to begin any kind of friendship, although that will always be her decision. What attracted me to her in the first place was how anyone so intelligent could be so completely wrong. What would happen if that changed? I can't guarantee she won't do something SO over-the-top and SO politically desperate I'll be forced to respond, but from the beginning, my desire was merely to fight lies with truth. I'm not sure (you can't ever be sure in America) but I think that battle has been won for the foreseeable future. America is waking up from a long sleep. I may pop in after November for the usual victory dance. I'm not above the occasional third grade poke in the arm. But that's where it should stay. Thanks for being there, and thanks for being a friend.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2014 on The End at RESPONSE TO MONICA
This blog has officially come to its ignoble end. After the tragedy at Santa Barbara, and watching that unbelievably insane notorious asshole Elliot Rodger's mind-boggling video, I realize that what I have been engaging in here is a bit of what I will call, for lack of a better term,... Continue reading
Posted May 25, 2014 at RESPONSE TO MONICA
Hey sorry DJ, I never got a notice on this.
Paging Crowley: Hillary Clinton, our future President, has NOTHING to answer for, least of all to you. Hillary had her baby. You cannot redeem that which is not a sin with sin. Please. Quit with the self-hate, regret, self-blame and jealousy. Nothing in the world is more unbecoming. Or more... Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2014 at RESPONSE TO MONICA
Happy Supervoclano, DJ.....
How about this? Yellowstone rises 2 inches in 4 months. Not good. Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble. Amazing what Chinese/Russian microwave energy can do to a supervolcano magma chamber, eh? Oh, when you say "supervolcano magma chamber" it helps to use Dr. Evil's accent. Nuclear, schmuclear.
I haven't posted much lately because Baby's depressing me with all her truly sad desperate lies. It's gotten really bad lately, and I'm feeling that truth will eventually win out, but it will be a very long haul. I'm encouraged and fairly confident that the good side will get out... Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2014 at RESPONSE TO MONICA
Me and big band swing and bop go WAY back, as my youtube page and Got A Crush on Monica project reveals. I don't scat though; I leave that to the pros.
I remember seeing that when I was a kid. That's not even accidentally racist, there's no mean spiritedness or inferiority portrayed there. Just a bunch of folks in a cartoon factory running out of ideas. There was also black beauty portrayed; what was, at the time, VERY hip musical talent, and a black riverboat captain in a position of authority. And no white masters to be seen anywhere. So no, not racist. Racism is based on hate, not humor. You have to have affinity for people and like them to be able to laugh at and with them. Now, if they'd had scenes with some folks hanging from trees, it would be vastly different. Do racists see this art as racist? Racists see EVERYTHING as racist. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
OK, now the simple answer and way out of this? Interested? FULL DISCLOSURE and a GLOBAL TRUCE. You'd think that the mythical "one-worlders" would want that, instead of global annihilation. But there are no globalists. Only a bunch of greedy fascist right wing pigs, corporations, and their rabid slobbering whores, fighting each other to the death over the last scraps before Venus lockdown.
P.S. Hey, I'm all for idiots forcing the hand of God and locking themselves and 85% of GOP/TP/NAZIS in the molten interior of Venus "prepared for the devil and all his angels" under a hundred miles of cooled rock in a cooled-down scalar-free evil-free universe while the rest of us rebuild with the Creator (and I ain't talking the "great architect" faker either.) But I don't think the schmucks doing it have the slightest inkling or clue of what they're really bringing about. Have at it, geniuses. For guys and gals who continually pick the wrong side, you just might reconsider, Baby.
Whole LOT of things getting ready to blow, and blow big. God's seen Nate Silver's projections for November. Happy Blood Moon Tetrad! But seriously folks, clandestine plausible denial "acts of 'God'" warfare can only go on so long before skirmishes escalate into global disaster. I have my own theory that HARRP/scalar shenanigans actually disrupt universal gravity waves... you know, the waves that in string theory actually keep dimensions APART? And prevent simple friction from heating up adjacent universes, not just entire solar systems like ours has been heating up since this crap started. But what do I and Revelations know.
I know EXACTLY where I'm going when it all hits the fan, however it hits. What are you worried about? Nuclear war is SO 1950's. Modern warfare is all about plausible denial.
You ALWAYS held that position.
Interesting premise, unfortunately poisoned by the usual widespread conservative/corporate/libertarian bias. Liberalism is NOT imploding, nor will it ever. Liberalism already has an intransigent enemy to fight: worldwide fascism, and by fascism, I mean big corporate/military defense complex control of individual governments reduced to feudal warring. America will NOT go to any sort of OVERT war whatsoever with Russia UNLESS the right takes control of the Senate in November and the White House in 2016, and then they ABSOLUTELY WILL do it again exactly like they did with yet ANOTHER false flag self-attack 9-11 scheme to bring the American People on board. The right, when not in power, CONTINUALLY yells, bitches, moans, and screams that the left is going to pull one any second BUT THE LEFT NEVER DOES. But does reality change the right's dupes minds? Never. Please get this if you get nothing else in your life: The right are, and will always be, the whores of Big Corporate interests, most now supernational, especially Big Offense. The left are also, ONLY ON THE STATES LEVEL, where Big Offense has tentacles into every state, but on a NATIONAL LEVEL, FAR less so. The left RELIES on the MAJORITY of the people and THEIR DESIRES for ITS power. The military would like to continue to exist, but in a peacetime capacity. The Brass really DO give a damn about WHY their "boys" and now "girls" are dying. When it's to make bank for the right and the right's politicians in on the scam and the haul, the military really does think and say "FUCK YOU THAT'S ENOUGH." I come from a military family, and my Godfather was an Admiral. I KNOW what I'm talking about. You libertarians want war? Keep on lambasting the left and keep on choosing the right. By Satan, you'll get your war and your 9-11's. AGAIN. And AGAIN. And don't point to Lyndon Johnson's Viet Nam either. LBJ was a transitional barely Democrat, caught in the South's transition from the racist poor Democrats of the early 20th century to the racist poor GOP of the 80's and beyond. Yes he was FORCED to embrace the civil rights you detest by the MAJORITY of America, but when it came to war, he was a southern right wing hawk all the way. Collectivism sucks and it always will. Collectivism controlled by the 1% and Big Corporate World is even worse. Communism was not left AS IT WAS IMPLEMENTED: It was IMPLEMENTED as a fascist military dictatorship in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY it was established in. And not a single bit different from what was called Nazi Socialism. Nazi Germany, Franco's Spain, Mussolini's Italy, The Soviet Union, China, North Korea, and Reagan/Bush America: ALL FASCIST MILITARY DICTATORSHIPS. And what America is saddled with every single time it allows the GOP/RIGHT to come to power in these days of "'Citizens' 'United'". And the LIBERTARIAN RIGHT is just more of the same. A controlled honeypot trap for peaceloving semi-racist woman-controlling dupes who lean right to "save" [MORE white] "babies" and other such antiChristian heretical quasi-scientific nonsense. Not that we'll ever see libertarian control of ANYTHING: Big Corporate/Big Offense will see to that. LIBERTARIANISM ONLY EXISTS to TILT ELECTIONS to the RIGHT. And to inevitably serve the 1%. As far as war? We are (and have been since the 80's) at CLANDESTINE WEATHER AND SCALAR (earthquake) war now with BOTH the Soviet Union and Russia and Israel and Pakistan and Iran and you well know it. We are at OVERT drone war with the Bush-era CIA AL Qaeda uncontrolled remnant run amok. We WERE at CLANDESTINE BIOWAR with Africa, Brazil, southeast Asia, and even southern Japan via HIV during the 80's. War will ALWAYS be with us. The question is, will it be OVERT war with mass casualties on ALL sides or will it be "surgical"? You want ALL war to end, DESTROY THE RIGHT and BIG CORPORATE CONTROL OF POLITICS which implements OVERT WAR that EXPONENTIALLY CREATE MORE ENEMY by COLLATERAL DAMAGE. We came SO CLOSE to ending OVERT WAR in the 90's. TOO close as far as the warmongers are concerned. ONLY THEN we can work on the left, unobstructed. And in the meantime? Let the new patriots in intel do their work. We wouldn't have gotten THIS far without them overthrowing BushCo. THEN and ONLY then will we have a fighting chance at a true and lasting peace.
It has been a long time. For the record, I have no personal acquaintances or colleagues in intel I know of; only fans, and, in social media terms, followers.
Dude. YOU outed me on HER blog, remember? I'm in a band with Oscar-winning SHIRLEY JONES. She's been in my HOUSE, RECORDING. I've got TWO TV pilots under consideration, one with over a million views on youtube. My HOUSE is on youtube. I was PRECINCT CAPTAIN/CITY/COUNTY/STATE DELEGTE for HILLARY in 2008... you think they don't VET people before they let them meet the candidate and go flying them around the country? Celebrities don't stalk other celebrities... it's just not done. I know how to go about these things, I'm just not RICH enough yet. Besides, it's more fun this way. Creeping her out to the max? My life's an open telephone book. More like driving her PA crazy. Look. That's her face and name at the top of this blog. If she wanted it shut down, she could do it in a second. I think she likes me.
My, you've been holding that in for a long time, haven't you! Can't WAIT for the post after November!!
You keep right on doing that as the majority of us move on. Thank God conservatism, antiChristian or atheist, will never rise again.
Yep, had to happen. After three months on Facebook, and only a handful of inoccuous (for me) posts (all of them absolute Truth), Monica Crowley either erased the Truth from her Facebook page in a mass purge or just hid my posts from the public. (I'm thinking she just hid... Continue reading
Posted Mar 3, 2014 at RESPONSE TO MONICA
Oh, that's right, our next President was supposed to cry at Khadafi's death. Especially after knowing things he pulled in secret that primetime can never see. That's the trouble with you right wingers, libertarian AND trad. You just can't stand a strong woman, unless it's a chromosomally-challened dolt like Coulter or the vastly more intelligent Monica Crowley. Why none of you have landed her yet, and won't.