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Only you can't put SL community events front and center. WHAT HAPPENS IF MORE THAN 40 PEOPLE DECIDE TO SHOW UP
@Joey1058 Tim Sweeny has been very vocal about his metaverse dreams, I would just rather it didn't happen in Fortnite .. which is looking more and more like a social platform and cash shop with a game tacked on the side.
SL users and, more importantly, it's developers need to play more games. There is a shocking disconnect when switching between SL and modern games (even 7 year old games like GTA5). By comparism, SL barely runs, fundamentally fails to operate as a social platform the moment you get a few people in the same location (or try to converse in group IM), lags to hell and back, and it's users have been conditioned to blame each other for the overall poor experience. A little gaming makes it very apparent that SL's technical woes are not caused by that one person who dared to wear those shoes with that hair, happened to have a scripted attachment, or had the audacity to load slowly. "SL is not a game" has been a handy excuse to gloss over it being architecturally stuck in the days of single core processors. While it's very true that the dynamic nature of the beast makes many game optimizations impossible, it doesn't block everything accomplished in 15 years of technical progress (or negative the need for innovation). If SL were seen as a game, at least by it's creators, then perhaps we would have seen more time and money devoted to advancing and developing the platform. Perhaps skipping the whole Sansar debacle (it's not a game either!) It's no accident that SL's early explosive growth was during the time LL were pushing the boundaries of the sandbox formula, and likewise no accident it's been in slow decline for a decade as the focus switched to reinforcing the boundaries. At the start, the argument could be made that SL wasn't a game, it was the metaverse, a whole new internet. Today .. it's absolutely a game, whose users routinely slam into the sandbox's walls.
Seem's the Linden's did indeed do the thing .. just didn't mention doing the thing till the thing was spotted and people started testing to see if the thing was real.
.... and in typical SL fashion, why have just one person make it weird when you can have two.
Um ... Linked In is a public site indexed by Google independent of anything posted here or elsewhere. Torley wrote everything on that page himself and published it. On purpose. Try it yourself, type "Torley linkedin" into Google.
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Feb 26, 2020