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In the model workflow on page 6, how would one go about maintaining a promoted Composite Corridor Surface that has been data shortcuted. When the surface is promoted, the data link is broken. Would I just delete the promoted surface, re-data shortcut the same surface from the Corridor Model, then promote it again? wash, rinse, repeat weekly? I understand data shortcuts for very large models can slow down Civil 3D, but the promoting of surfaces also breaks the "live" link. I guess we can't have everything. Put a reminder on my Outlook calendar to "update" the surface every Monday morning.
Good stuff Cyndy. If I could add one simple tweak here, it would be to add a Point entity as a block within the TW label. The Point block would be on layer 'Defpoints' and would be positioned at the intended insertion point of the BW label. Just snap to the point's Node when grip moving the BW label. Works well. Cheers!
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Jan 27, 2012