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Broadcom drivers have always given me issues which is why when I was buying a new router I looked for one that had an Atheros chipset that would be supported by OpenWRT with the Ath9K driver, no weird proprietary firmware/drivers (kernel age dependent) issues.
I was using vstrings for providing versions, then I found some weird bug in EUMM, and then I found out that supposedly 'v1.1.1' is not while v1.1.1 is even though both will validate and be detected by half the software just fine. and oh fuck it I'll just go back to floating points for another 5 years. for my EUMM issue >
Toggle Commented Mar 8, 2012 on What's wrong with v? at oylenshpeegul's blog
As a former Sys Admin, and Aspiring Developer (So that makes me Michael from Underworld? an Abomination). Why do you think you need access to production servers? and what level of access do you think you need? The werewolves are (were?) the daylight guardians of the vampires.
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Aug 27, 2010