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There are alternatives to Netflix now, though they vary in quality. If he screws with things so much that it is no longer worth my money, I will just switch to Amazon Prime. Surely losing customers to competitors will be a consideration in any action he takes...
I'd always thought the UI was bad on the Wii. Then we got a PS3. Yikes.
I averaged 3-4 DVDs a month. I sometimes go through 3-4 hours of streaming in a single day. I'm happier with streaming-only, and I'm technically saving a dollar off the old price. DVDs aren't quite dinosaurs yet, but they are mastodons.
We switched to streaming only. We only got an average of 4-5 DVDs a month, due to shipping times and some watching delay, but we use streaming every day. Frankly if I want a DVD of something, there is a Redbox right downtown.
Working fine for us via Wii.
We dropped cable after our first month of Netflix. Just didn't feel a need for it anymore. We've been without it since last October and haven't missed it at all. Digital antenna gets us CBS, PBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and a few other local channels and we rarely even watch those.
I do not need the ability to stream on multiple devices at the same time, but I would like separate ratings for me, the kids, and the wife.
I just subscribed tonight and I am floored by the sheer amount of stuff they have available. My queue is near 100 already and I haven't even scratched the surface.
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Oct 8, 2010