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I have been doing Google searches almost every day wondering if anyone has been having this problem lately. I have AT&T DSL and watch Netflix on a PS3. For an entire year I happily had no problems at all. Starting last month, the stream quality has become garbage. It takes at least 30 seconds for the picture to start clearing up when before it would begin to improve the picture almost right away. The quality keeps shooting up and down and HD programs don't want to stream steadily at a high rate any more. Here's what's strange though: The Display on my PS3 states that the stream is of "High" quality when it is actually "Low". It never used to make that mistake and I was wondering if it was a programming error (possibly from the most recent update?) causing the problems.
The new Instant interface is quite a bit less user-friendly. I can't believe that they got rid of the ability to place Instant titles in a sortable list. Also, why are they "improving" what wasn't really broken when my Instant Queue is STILL reordering itself on almost a daily basis???
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Jun 9, 2011