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Portland OR USA
Doorman. Raised by wolves. Friend to cheese.
Interests: open education, oer, startups, growth hacking, critical theory, cultural studies
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Mark: The thinking here seems right-on, although I always struggle whether to use viral/infection metaphors due to the negative connotations, even when such metaphors are a perfect fit. Reading your snippet, I was immediately thinking of how the "open virus" has spread to larger realms in the "collaborative economy"...maybe there's another point to make about that vector ;) On a related note, I was doing some viral analysis of the #OER community and the math behind it tells us that if one wanted to "infect" the OER community with a really infectious idea, one would only need to get that idea shared by the following short list of 8 folks to get it in front of the most-connected 1,000 members of the OER community.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2014 on The Open virus at The Ed Techie
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May 8, 2014