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Actually, now that I've investigated it, there's not just no simple way to remove a Saved Instant title, there's NO WAY at current time. So now because I didn't watch, say, The Weather Underground before it expired, it's taking up a place in my queue for eternity, even if I get the disc or decide I don't want to watch it. That's essentially a bug.
I don't mind losing the Saved queue. I do mind that there was no warning given and that I had to use FeedFliks (like a lot of people) to "rescue" the titles I didn't want to forget about. The big problem now is that if Netflix isn't letting us see our saved instant queue, but are still counting the saved titles against the 500-movie limit, then there's no simple way to remove a saved title. Anyone who generously adds to their instant queue over time will be getting pretty dang frustrated when phantom movies keep them from adding available ones. is now following The Typepad Team
Sep 18, 2011