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Wow. Thanks for the heads up Steve!
I was disgusted when I read this article yesterday. I couldn't believe anyone would have the audacity to think those of us raising children with autism are milking the system for money and resources. WHAT money? Please, for the love of God, someone show me the line for the money because I sure haven't found it. What I have found is fellow parents and autistic individuals who support each other (both with words of advice and support on Twitter and Facebook) and through setting up childcare co-ops and in many cases sharing therapy toys, DVDs, books, and more. Thank you Liz for your well thought out rebuttal.
I am sending healing prayers and prayers for peace during this next round of treatment. Please know you are loved.
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Thank you so much for this Liz! I have been considering buying a copy and now that I have heard of this I will be sure to buy the Kindle version!
I am keeping all of you in my prayers throughout the day and praying God's perfect will over each and every one of you.
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I am keeping you precious Joanne and your entire family in my prayers.
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We are praying for you and your lovely wife here in Maryland. May God hold you both in his everlasting arms.
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Can I tell you how damn lucky you are that she didn't flip the hell out on you?! I write about my stepmom sometimes because she drives me up the wall and I am always soooo worried she will see it but now thanks to you I wonder if maybe she should. Not really.
Praying for you that the next infusions will go quick and that the side effects continue to go easy on you.
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Thank you very much for including me in this list. I look forward to speaking out and for those with Autism on November 1st!
Oh my goodness that sounds delectable! I will try this recipe for dinner one night this week!
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Jul 27, 2010