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Half the DVD's in my rental queue are now Very Long Wait. This started about 2 months ago. Before that the discs were short or no wait. And I have not been churning or watching a lot of DVD's either-- this is a reduction in inventory pure and simple. I could not get Disc one of Borgen, Season One- it kept appearing as Very Long Wait. After waiting for two months I finally gave up and bought the Borgen Season 1 dvd set from Amazon, figuring I could rent Seasons 2 and 3 on NF. Well. Seasons 2 and 3 are Not Available for rental on NF even though you can buy them on I was astonished to see this. My speculation is that they are trying to haggle a streaming deal with the Borgen distributor so won't buy the DVD's. As a long tine customer, since 2002, I am very disappointed in the quality of service and selection of DVD's compared to a year or two ago-- they have really downgraded the dvd business. Shame on them for driving their competition out of business then shoving a take it or leave it model at their loyal customers.
Not only no captions or subtitles on streaming videos, now the Magnolia DVD's being sent out by Netflix have NO captioning or subtitles. What is up with that? How can Netflix degrade the service quality by offering new DVD's from Magnolia that have no subtitles? This should be added to the lawsuit as another cause of action; new DVD's should be required to come with subtitles.
I don't see any mention of the number of subscribers who downgraded their plans either. What revenue loss from people dropping streaming, going to streaming only, dropping the number of discs out at a time, etc? This would be interesting to know.
"The Quickster is a superhero who is only seen in the episode: Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V. He is part of The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances. He is briefly SpongeBob. He (known from his name) has the ability to run extremely fast, such as running to a mountain so fast you can't see him do it. His costume is white with a red lightning bolt on it." - from SpongePedia Besides being a silly name its impossible to spell right. I read it as uh uh. Once the ISP's see the volume of traffic being driven onto NF streaming, especially if content does improve, then the price hikes will also come from the ISP's as well as NF. So there will be double-barreled price hikes ahead.
Have never received a damaged mailer, although a couple have had an occasional tear. The worst problem seems to be in returns- every couple of months a disc will disappear in the return mail for up to two weeks but then they receive it eventually. I report it lost and then it shows up a couple of weeks later. They are mailed from blue boxes on the corner so either get stuck in a mailbag rack or shunted aside in some other manner.
Perkins above is correct. It is a way to force you into accepting streaming as the default option and make you search for DVDs. Streaming is an inferior product: Streaming does not always work, it lacks subtitles,the format of displaying seasons and episodes is inferior, and I don't have streaming on all my TV's [they do all have DVD players]. It's a great option but I don't want it as my default option.
They also seem to be forgetting that there is a recession, a lot of people are unemployed so those "impulse purchases" of DVD's at the checkout stand or wherever are not going to happen at the clip they used to. People don' t have the money for DVD's when they are spending their little discretionary income on maybe going out for a burger,or renting a movie and ordering a pizza. Even those with a few bucks realize what a waste it is buying all these dumb DVD's that sit and collect dust.
They are suing for copyright infringement, not for simple economic compensatory damages. Copyright infringement is a much more serious charge, it's a violation of federal law. It allows for a wide range of damages plus legal fees and court costs.
So maybe this explains why Whiteout has a big RENTAL notation printed on the bottom of the DVD? I imagine Redbox's copies of Warner Bros. discs may have the same marking. BP- why would you be HAPPY that the general public is being subjected to this bullying by the studios? you think it's a good thing that we are all being forced to wait to rent new releases? [and don't give me any blah blah about 28 days and what difference does it make etc; that is not an opinion shared by all users of the NF service] We are paying the same for less, and so is the Redbox customer- that is not something to cheer about, IMHO.
I received "Whiteout" today. Something NEW was added to this DVD (at least new to me in the NF realm): a big "RENTAL" notation imprinted on the disc at the bottom of the DVD, offset in a white elliptical semi-circle.
Asking what percentage of your queue is a silly way to ask this question. The percentage is totally dependent on the number of discs in your queue. I would be better to simply ask for a number- HOW MANY are on wait? If I had 500 discs in my queue and 10 were on wait vs 40 discs in my queue with 10 on wait, the % are totally different but there are still 10 discs on wait status. It appears that Warner Bros discs are the major culprit- you can wait until kingdom come for those. I am also on very long wait status for some foreign releases-- I guess NF has a small number and as they scratch, get broken they are not replaced so the inventory decreases. The easiest solution if you are totally frustrated is to cancel your account then set up a new account a few days later using a different credit card and e-mail address and have the discs sent to work. You will be treated like a "new" customer and get discs without being throttled or thrown into the algorithm hell they use to prioritize shipments; remember, those that rent the fewest discs get dibs on their first choices.
As many of the posters here have said, it usually works unless you are being throttled. I just received a "Terms of Service" reminder to acknowledge today, as I blew through quite a few dvd's in the last 2 weeks- they all sucked and I ended up fast forwarding most of them. You DO have to hold all your DVD's and wait until Saturday to mail them. There are 5 new releases that interest me next week- for some reason the studios like to clump them around holidays. As I am on a 3 at a time plan I will get maybe 2, then have VERY LONG WAIT on the others for 4 or more months. I am still waiting for the Hangover (Very long wait) and My Sister's Keeper (Long wait)-- in my case if I don't grab a new release the first week it will be many, many months before I get a chance to rent it. I guess I should go buy them then, like the studios want, huh?
Seth and Tim above are correct. As I read the press release/ corporate-speak it does NOT state they will be getting more of the new releases, just more Warner discs at a cut rate. This is what was reported in today's Los Angeles Times. So your wait begins at day 28, you don't get the new release at day 28. You will be waiting two months or more instead of one or more. For those who enjoy new releases on NF this indeed does suck and is a downgrade in the service- there is no concomitant reduction in monthly cost. I could care less about streaming, it does not interest me. Whether that makes me a luddite is irrelevant; I prefer a disc with all the special features that can be easily paused, watched on different DVD players, taken to friends' houses, etc. I am saddened to see this happen and hope other studios do not follow suit. Netflix may have been up against the wall but if they really did not want to go thru with this kind of a high-pressure deal they could have complained to some of their cronies in Sac and DC. I may watch only 20 new releases per year but enjoy receiving them the week of release.
The studios are doing this to squeeze Redbox- that is clear as a bell. There is no reason that 3 major retailers would suddenly all limit sales of new releases to only 3 copies. Please, use your heads. This is how monopolistic corporate America works. And the studios are big contributors to the political parties so there will likely be no antitrust enforcement if Redbox files a complaint with the FTC. This has nothing to do with loss leaders. If that was the case this "cap" would have been put in place a long time ago.