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Netflix is well ahead of Dish / Blockbuster in the game. In the DVD by mail game, probably doesn't matter how far ahead Netflix is or was, since that seems to be a dying market. When it comes to streaming, Netflix is once again well ahead of the game here. Look at all the deals they have in place for content. Not that Dish Network / Blockbuster can't do the same thing over time. But Netflix has a huge head start, both in studio deals and marketing and use by consumers. I think they can compete with a good business plan. But actually being on the same level may take a lot of time and willingness to keep sinking money into growing the business. I'd just like to see Blockbuster Online get new DVDs again at the very least.
I would think polls have some leeway. Would polling people about illicit drug use be seen legally as encouraging actual use? Personally, I think it's a fair question. I don't know that anyone would answer honestly. So who knows how reliable any data they get regarding that option may be.