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@DaveMart: You have conflated two completely different propositions and your logic is weak at best. If it has only 80% battery capacity after 5 years "In that case the Leaf isn't an economic proposition to anybody" AND "you have to replace your battery after five years". Who says? If your leaf still covers your commute then it's still an economic proposition. Same answer to your battery replacement bullcrap. Also it's worth pointing out that even in a gasoline powered car the gas mileage deteriorates over time but nobody uses that as an excuse to replace the engine. Please try to do better with your logic.
@Treehugger: Their graph also doesn't take into account gas-to-liquids and oil demand reductions from electrification, so although the decline in *conventional* oil *may* be much more pronounced than their prediction, the decline in all liquids could be reasonable.
Here's a better idea: instead of trying to get oil from stone (no pun intended), do this instead: DRIVE SMALLER VEHICLES. It's a no-brainer. The average fuel efficiency of the North American fleet is 15 mpg. Doubling that to 30mpg by driving smaller vehicles will reduce the requirement for 20 million barrels per day significantly.
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Jun 8, 2011