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Most studies that produce a conclusion will not represent the entire sample. But it represents the majority of the sample which in turn represents the population the sample was drawn from. There's no reason to believe that the UJA study is flawed. If you don't think poverty exists on a massive scale, how do you explain the long lines to the Section 8 office as seen in the video that went viral yesterday? To the contrary, you're (WhySoHateful) focusing on the few who made it despite not having a great education, and you try to portray them as the norm, and the porr as the exception. You're not fooling anyone.
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One commenter keeps repeating the same lie that "most ultra-Orthodox Yeshivas do provide a proper secular education." That is untrue, particularly among the Hasidic Yeshivas. A good 95% of Hasidic boys schools and 20% of Litvish/Yeshivish boys schools DO NOT meet that minimum requirement. In fact, they don't teach more than a 5th of (the subjects) what is required. The reason we haven't brought the lawsuit sooner is not because we don't have a case, but because in order to bring a case, we need current students or parents of current students to sign on as plaintiffs. As you can imagine, people in those categories are afraid to come forward. If they do, they/their kids will immediately be kicked out of the Yeshivas, and thereby losing their status as plaintiffs. That, and the fear of other repercussions (we all know what those are). That being said, we are working on ways to make it so that former students can join as plaintiffs as well. This WILL happen sooner or later. (Also, it would be pretty easy for us to bring a case against the Yeshivas directly. But we are trying to target the DOE, not the Yeshivas.) To those of you who've attended such Yeshivas, please fill out the form and add your name to the letter. Thanks!
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Pard (1st comment), unfortunately at this time there's no guarantee for anonymity. In the letter the lawyer asks that the recipients of the letter (i.e. the superintendents) do not disclose the signatures, but it is in their right to publish them. In the actual lawsuit (if and when it gets to that) there may be more room for anonymity. Thanks.
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Jun 15, 2015