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Michael Yahwak
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Looks like you are the only one posting to the blog, I wonder why is that? Ay\t least you still do and that is a good thing.
You really should give a primer on how to download these files when you get to the download site there are so many different download buttons how do you tell which is the right one.
I would have liked to get the Hungarian Jazz album but they have a new zip file and the website you go to download the application is full of spyware or worse.
wHERE DO you get the Download link for this. Or if it is the tiny url you need a pass code Please help. Thankx
Did most precious blood play at the show?
This is what happens when a site which is still active fucking hackers and evildooers get their hands pervert the site to their no good deeds... ( Im trying not to swear)
Well I went to download several tracks from Tonal Bride and My anti virus popped up and blocked a popup? here is what it said. Address: Trend Micro has confirmed that this website can transmit malicious software or has been involved in online scams or fraud. NOw I was able to get the albums (i think) Just be sure folks to Have very good Anti Virus software.
Here is my solution for the blogosphere. Its the use of torrents insted of site like megaupload or the half or dozen that have shut down. The only drawback that i can see is getting enough seeders to keep said torrent alive. There are some very good torrent sites out there, some the suck donkey butt as well but for an example (uncle Gill's rocking Archives) He probably has a few hundred album listed there it would take a bit of hard drive space to store them but once they are seeded they should go on for ever as long as the seeds are alive. Now a question>> Is there anything that come close to what Captain Crawl did? I have become fairly dependent on that site for finding obscure gems for my internet radio shows @ especially my Devils Oldies show I have however re-discovered the public library and I can go on line order said albums and get them in a day or so from my local branch. Rip them and bring them back.
Dont you think crucified is not a term that should be taken lightly, To make a joke of the Crucifixion is a stab at Christians everywhere. The Lenten season is a upon us makes it even more shameful. Whomever thought this gem out ought to be ass raped with their microphone.
there is always setting up private networks over winmx
HAIL the Dung Phương Dung | Khúc Hát ân Tình Blew my head off it is really good, Sort of like A Vietnamese Version of Amy Winehouse, Gee I wonder what happened to this singer over the years. Thanks for the post.
It was a good broadcast however there were too many sound glitches during both days to truly enjoy the music, Hopefully The music in the sound archives and rebroadcast page.
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Jun 2, 2011