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(Editor's Note: This post was written by Scooter Blake, one of our newer writer's from before renovation.) With the trade deadline fast approaching, and in lieu of my (our) lingering disappointment about not getting Dan Haren or Cliff Lee, I want to quickly touch on the topic of a Mr. Adam Dunn for the Yankee fans out there. For those of you unfamiliar with the man that, in my circle, is commonly referred to as The Masher,... Continue reading
When we left off the Yankees were finishing up a dominant run over the league’s most elite teams out of the gates. They were competing with Tampa for first place, the Red Sox were bumbling around with underachieving players and you were reading all about it on Sox and Pinstripes. Now we’ve restarted. As part of our commitment, we are going to resume posting on the old site (.net not .com) and right here on Facebook. Once... Continue reading
When it's the start of the season and the schedule God's have created nine games against the toughest opponents in the entire league because of a U2 concert, you can and should expect a letdown. After all, the Yankees of the past decade were slow starters, generally older and more injury prone, and all the other teams seemed more focused in baseball's first month. Welcome to 2010. It could be a long year for everybody else. I... Continue reading
Umpires tend to be fat, slow, unappealing, and most of all, wrong, to the common observer. Generally, I appreciate what umpires do and I recognize their job is a lot harder than it looks and it's thankless in that it's a lose-lose situation. The way sports are designed, plays can be left up to interpretation and everybody makes mistakes, sometimes in bigger spots than others, so fans will always be upset. Not just some fans; all fans.... Continue reading
We are three games into the season and I'm already floating on air and throwing sunshine laced with rainbows at everyone I see. Baseball is back and it has treated me to a focused Yankees' team in April. The feeling of April baseball for a Yankees' fan is something nobody understands. Granted, Royals, Pirates, Nationals and many other fan bases know what it feels like to watch teams play poorly often, to have its hopes up only... Continue reading
Where's Peter Gammons when you need him? Why isn't Buster Olney up in arms? Where are the ESPN specials? The scathing columns? The pure hatred and jealousy? MLB Trade Rumors released the offseason spending numbers by every team in MLB, and I think it rather nicely sums up the game. The Red Sox spent just over 137 million dollars (a number I disagree with, since, like the Yankees of last season it implies more spending all at... Continue reading
It's finally coming. One week from today the baseball season will begin and though I will immediately be stressed out by the match ups and annoyed by the planning, the games will matter and I will begin to pay closer, unhealthy and loving attention. Admittedly, I did not watch much spring training this season. In 2007 and 2008, I actually used to give daily reports on the games. By 2009 it was a weekly report every so... Continue reading
So there are five pitchers in an empty room with the chance to make an impact for the defending champions of baseball. One became perhaps the third most important reliever last season, and as a veteran presence without the service time who comes complete with a durable arm, good stuff and a can-do attitude, this pitcher has proven worth two years in a row as a versatile reliever who can pitch in any inning. The next guy... Continue reading
The Blue Jays, by most standards, are a mess. A team who, at one point, had some of the most promising arms in the game to compliment an elite offense has turned into Vernon Wells' untradeable contract and mixed pieces. Even so, Adam Lind has a bat, Aaron Hill had a coming out party and Edwin Encarnacion, Travis Snider and John Buck all at least have the potential to leave a positive impact or better on the... Continue reading
Completely disagree. By having nady in right and swish at first the Yankees are younger. With Tex at first and a nady swish platoon with A melky Gardner platoon the Yankees had plenty of capable of and had nady stayed healthy he prob nets type a draft picks to replace abreus, the Yankees are younger more athletic and they have swisher two more years. It was an easy decision once swisher was there and in hindsight its a no-brainer. Same with not offering Johnny Damon arb Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
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Clearly not but you make it seem like the Yankees made a mistake paying less money for a younger better outfielder who in his first season won a world series. All I heard about the dice k signing was how it paid off because it got them a ring. Same with tthe neckett trade and fine, winning is the ultimate bar. But offering abreu arb likely means he accepts it and the Yankees are paying 8 mil above market value for an aging bat and terrible in the world do you Criticize that? If anything cash knew the market so well he knew abreu would likely accept arb and then the Yankees are stuck with the bill rather than fleecing the white sox Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
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How? He signed For half the price and the Yankees traded for swisher and won a world series? Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
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(Editor's note: This is Caleb Gebrewold's first post for Sox and Pinstripes.) Whether Granderson or Johnson is placed in the number two slot between Jeter and Tex, the line up will be very very solid, however, I think the line up is best suited with neither of the two there. Some may think I'm dumb, but in my eyes this is the perfect spot for Robbie Cano. Watching him as one of my favorites since getting the... Continue reading
LMK, a digital service that curates, designs and delivers the most authoritative content on any important person, place or thing, is now powering an iPhone application dedicated to New York Yankees content. What does this mean for you? You can have up to the second updates on The Greatest Phone in the Universe about The Greatest Team in the Universe! This application will sort out the most current and relevant information, photos and more about the New... Continue reading
The long awaited American League predictions are finally happening...Did you really think I wouldn't save the East for last? Blame geography. Either way the West has a lot to offer this season, and unlike half the divisions in the game, the potential for multiple elite teams exist. Like many divisions, each team could also flop and the winner might end up in the low 90's with win totals. Rangers Angels Mariners Athletics In full disclosure, this is... Continue reading
James comes to us as an already established blogger. As an older writer, we hope he will offer us new perspective both about the game and the rivalry, as well as his own unique brand of prose. Here is James' story: "'James J. Curran, III - "Baseball, The Yankees, and Life ..."' Born, raised, and still living in the beautiful, Bronx, New York, I will be celebrating [as Ronald Reagan would say], my 15th anniversary, of my... Continue reading
With perhaps the division of the most boring offseasons, we have the NL West. Outside of the Diamondbacks making a questionable trade in acquiring Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy, the West did not do too much this winter, and so I don't expect things to change too much. Rockies Dodgers Giants Diamondbacks Padres This is a division with the potential for three low 90's winners as a best case scenario. While that may form one of the... Continue reading
Perhaps the most underlying and ignored quality about the NL Central is that it has scary good potential in a couple of years. For now, it's a division with one too many teams and no real competition. The Cardinals were a 90+ win team who finished the season strong with contribution from Matt Holliday and a dominant front of the rotation. Ignoring the playoffs completely, the Cards finished last year and remain this year as the team... Continue reading
With Spring Training games due to start, I figured it was time to make my nutty predictions for the 2010 baseball season. As we established last week, I’m quite positive at least 40% of what I’m about to say won’t come true, but I should be fairly close with my playoff teams, especially when the AL predictions come out later. For the record, there will be three NL versions (by division), three AL versions, and a Yankees... Continue reading
Hahaa thats more reason to assume he is not a bust then Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
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I just don't see the point you're making. The hypothetical you bring up has nothing to do with reality. I appreciate homegrown players more than Free Agents, yes. I'm not sure any fan of any fanbase disagrees. But you said yourself, you would take the 2004 Red Sox over a homegrown losing team. Winning is my favorite above all. And in the case of my most recent winners, the 2009 Yankees, I had both. So I'm not seeing the argument? The Yankees wouldn't win without their homegrowns and they wouldn't win without their Free Agents. Same as the 2004 and 2007 Red Sox. Same as the 2010 Red Sox if they were to win. And the other 29 teams in the game.
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Most of Spring Training is a psychological experiment designed for young players to get a chance to feel like big leaguers for a few days or a few weeks. Then there are the players who know they're just preparing for the regular season. After those two categories are filled, we're left with players fighting for a job, or truly being viewed by higher powers in the franchise. Those players are the one's to keep an eye on... Continue reading
That hypothetical only proves half a point. I'd take the team with both if it means winning. Honestly, I'd take the 2009 Yankees with a core of homegrown veterans and a core of newer complimentary homegrowns along with some hired guns hired to replace enormous amounts of money off the books after multiple years of planning on it over losing with 25 homegrowns. I would. I love and appreciate winning, especially with an intelligent and dominant roster. The Sox will be in on every major free agent hitter next offseason even with cameron, scutaro and lackey still there and when Beltre walks. They have the money coming off the books, the situation is right. That's how business and baseball works. And that's how it should work.
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The first thing I do after reading about Yankees-related news is form a personal opinion. Today that opinion was, "Oh, the Yankees signed a reliever with a mid 90's fastball to compete for one of the final spots in the bullpen? Sounds good." The next thing I do is link to other sources to check for updates or other outlooks. Today, I read about how Chan Ho Park had a 2.52 ERA for the Phillies in a... Continue reading
I don't think anyone denies the Sox have a more productive farm system in recent years. I still can't, for the life of me, figure out how that matters. The Yankees have used their pieces to get the players they need and they still have last generation of farm talent producing at a high and relevant level. Yes, the two best hitters, Tex and A-Rod, are not from the farm (though one was originally acquired for Soriano), but guess what? What have the Sox won with Youkilis in the middle of their order? The two rings came from two guys names Ramirez and Ortiz, and neither one of them was homegrown, so it's moot. This is a mindless argument and always has been, but to make a statement saying nobody comes close to having anywhere near the farm talent turned pro status the Sox have is simply inaccurate. Do the Sox have a deeper system? Yes. DO they have a heavier impact on the MLB club right now? No, they don't. This is a matter of the Sox having nothing productive on the MLB level and having a successful wave of talent, whereas the Yankees have slowly infiltrated it year after year. And at the end of the day, I don't care if the Yankees are the 2004 Red Sox and have barely anyone from the system, winning, no matter how it is accomplished outside of some sort of scandal, is the most important thing to a fan of any team.
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