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Amy Yannello
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Hi, Russ! Long time no talk. Nice blog you have here! I just started one (very minimalist, comparatively -- I'm not tech savvy, and also new to this)... but just broke the 1500 mark in views, so I'm pretty happy about that. If you'd like to see: Called: Scribe, Ink. All my best, Amy Yannello
I too "forget to eat" if I don't have anything yummy & fast nearby...but I will never go w/out coffee. // Yup, the brown rice from TJ's is a find and yes, it makes one feel righteous. :) // Thanks for your humor!!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2010 on Yoga food at Bad Home Cooking
Dear BHC: This week-long menu sounds fantastic... & just when I'm trying to go w/out wheat/gluten for 1 week (for medical reasons). Thanks for reminding me of Sardines -- used to eat them all the time in college & loved them. (Yes, over the sink!) Good column! :)
Sounds like a real "kids'" meal!! Hooray for the boy...he's got his mama's penchant for adventure in the kitchen. :-D
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Feb 12, 2010