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Gardening writer with a passion for the design and lifestyle of very small gardens..
Interests: Design, gardening, art, cycling, the countryside, urban living.
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I think with most styles of vertical gardening there has to a system of trial and error where you are balancing the amount of water flowwing through the system without it flooding out. Once all sections of the wall are moist then gravity and capillary action should keep it in that codition with only a drip feed. The walls I've seen, such as the new one at the NEC Birmingham, have plants covering right down to the base and there was little sign of flooding.
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Not sure if I've skipped ahead to 2011 but I'm going for the lime green and 'Barbie' pink look for my baskets and containers this year. I think in smaller spaces strong colours help to bind the area and create a decisive look. I'm not that keen on soft pastels or a country garden style mix so finding these petunias was a bonus.
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Thank you for your comments. I hope that my posts both interest and help visitors who share the same passion that I do in relation to getting the most out of their outdoor space and the lifestyle it can bring.
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Thanks for your comment Vincent. It has taken me to your fascinating world of which I hope some of my followers will visit.
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Nov 12, 2009