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I have no disagreement on Mao's gold medal but strongly diagree on Yuna's silver yesterday. I agree that perfect Yuna Kim has unbeatable shine and charisma, but her in this competition invalidated those great characteristics of her that she showed off in Olympics. Her performance was not only terrible in SP but also in LP. After she fell in LP after jumping, she completely stopped performing and didn't try to resume a couple of seconds, which is not Olympic champion's attitude. Yet her LP score was higher than almost-perfect Mao's? It doesn't make sense at all. Even TV commentator (former Olympic champions) said Mao's score was too low. If figure skating is all about showing artistic beauty (or how sexy she is), it should not be included in sports. I also think Mirai's LP socre was too low, yes she made several mistakes but no much difference from Yuna's performance. Why did Yuna get the best score in LP and Mirai's score was almost 25 points behind hers? Current scoring system has serious flaw. There must be something going on behind the closed curtain. Remember, everybody came to this competition in the same condition after Olympic. No excuses.
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Mar 28, 2010