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I do not know if anyone else noticed this. But the whole Avatar screenplay is online And while reading it, i realized it had the deleted scenes too. No more waiting suspense for dvd to see the scenes :) Continue reading
Posted Jan 10, 2010 at AVATAR
We need a facebook group just name it Avatar Typepad
Im actually writing, well not a full script, more of a long story line. Including everything that happens in the "movie" I decided to do this, so i could get some experience in writing, and hear what james thinks. I have over 4 pages so far, rough work, only the first 10 min of the movie. :P
I just realized, since this is going to James Cameron, i can take advantage of the situation. Im writing a sequel to Avatar, mostly as a learning experience and i want to know what james thinks of it. I could include it in this book as well, that is if i finish it on time
im in for this. :)
Happy New Year!!!! I see you all ;) Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at AVATAR
actually not enough battles and the length was just fine
I read your whole entire speech here, got interesting when u stated you saw the movie 7 times ;) I'd like to say that you have some good points and views, but you are lacking in some areas. But i excuse this because ur writing on a blog, and therefore cannot explain in enough detail needed, and as you say, your english isn't that good (although good job with your english, its fine by the way)
well said. I completely agree with you. But don't forget, the fantastic visual play a big role in the artistic views of the film.
Ethan, you can buy avatar daggers and necklaces I just bought Neytiri's dagger, but wont be shipped until febuary :( just google The Noble Collection they have alot of avatar stuff, all daggers and jewlerry
GUESS WHAT, I JUST GOT MYSELF NEYTIRI'S DAGGER! im so happy now, im seeing the movie for the 3rd time on tuesday, now i can brag to my friend that i got the dagger. :) Continue reading
Posted Dec 27, 2009 at AVATAR
try youtube just enter, Avatar soundtrack and there ya go :) tracks 10 and 11 are the best ;)
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2009 on where can i find the music from the movie? at AVATAR
Posted Dec 27, 2009 at AVATAR
well its not that far, i was thinking itd release around june or july.
APRIL 16TH =D and stop advertising the movie on vuze :P
well mooks, theres one more thing you can do. Get the Avatar game. Its not as bad as the reviewers say it is. If your an avatar fan and need escape, play the game. Playing as a Na'vi u can control direhorses and ikran. and the environments are huge
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Dec 27, 2009
If you love the avatar soundtrack or at least a few of the songs, well i urge you to listen to this song, it reminds me of avatar and the navi clan =D Continue reading
Posted Dec 27, 2009 at AVATAR
thanks foekie! :) Im sorry to hear your boyfriend doesn't understand. Not everyone does. Dont worry about it ;)
sure thing, im joining ;).
;P its all for the joy isnt it nicholas. I just check back here quite often. its fun discussing these issues with real people. I only have one friend that actually cares about Avatar like we people on the blog do. So i cant talk much. so i talk here :)
yunus danis added a favorite at AVATAR
Dec 26, 2009
lol no biggie :P i love track 10, so beautiful :)
That doesnt sound corny at all. Thats fine if you like that kind of movies. Im going into the, lets say, "Epic" genre. Im insanely thrilled by epic movies, epic battles, epic scenes, slow motion, artistic. I have many ideas already forumalted in my head. One movie 85% done (written that is). And im plotting for my future. So when the time comes, im ready. (im 16, shows how much i love film =D) also, im going to York University. I live in Canada. :)
im guessing you saw my post :P As i mentioned before, im writing an avatar sequel. Well, not entirely a sequel, i can make it fit anywhere, even 3 or 4. Im also listening to the avatar soundtrack, specifically tracks 10 and 11. 10 being the best.