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Look carefully and you'll see the kid throws the lighter at Rick but misses. If those two dirtbags didn't OD on drugs by now you can be sure that today they are 0bama voters.
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I was greatly disturbed to learn that both Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter are buddies with Grover Norquist! Maybe it's just on the tax issue, maybe not. One would think (and hope) that any national security-minded patriot would find Norquist repellant. NOT someone to cozy up to.
"As a long time Prime member myself, I can say that definitely rings true since I always check Amazon first knowing I'VE ALREADY PAID FOR SHIPPING." Corrected for the author.
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I remember the days when _real_ presidents had their umbrellas held for them. Let the Usurper fend for himself.
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