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Selling music for bitcoin is straightforward and effortless with a customized Bitcoin Music Stores via Liberty Music. Using Liberty Music I am able to share my music direct to my supporters with no middleman or credit card fees! My Bitcoin Music Store is really simple and allows anyone to purchase and download my songs with bitcoin in just two clicks! Plus there are also no sign-ups or extra hurdles to jump through to get the music. If you want to see it in action go to If you want to learn more about Liberty Music check out this write-up from Crypto Coins News - (I'd recommend all artists look into this)
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Thanks Clyde! This seems like an excellent service. I just signed up for the trial.
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Great piece Prince Charles! I would tend to agree with your points here about stepping into the 21st century and supplying this generation with new messages, messages of love, wisdom and unity. I'd encourage you to check out my offering at I create hip hop music aimed at providing uplift and inducing positive vibrations for this age. Hotep.
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Sep 2, 2014