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O(n) person in an O(log n) world.
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JPEG rotation isn't lossless unless a specific set of conditions are met ( ). It's kind of a hack that JPEGs could be rotated losslessly at all. EXIF seems a much cleaner and less destructive way to do rotations for compressed images.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2010 on JPEG Rotation and EXIF Information at dretblog
@dret Interesting. I have my feed-fusing pipe (5 feeds) on my Safari browser bar for nearly 6 months now, polling every 15 minutes, without noticeable problems. Perhaps it's a function of how many components the pipe is using and how many feeds you're fusing at one time.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2010 on Feed Theory and Facebook Reality at dretblog
I've been using Yahoo Pipes' "Fetch Feed" and "Union" modules to build a mashed feed, for the times when I need a unified view of multiple sources. The resulting pipe isn't listed in the Pipes directory or your Pipes profile, though if you somehow knew the URI you can still subscribe to it -- as a kind of privacy through obscurity. It's funny that Facebook assumes you really just want to import one blog feed. If they really wanted be the go-to place for social interactions, I'd think they would want to import everything they can.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2010 on Feed Theory and Facebook Reality at dretblog