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I'd differentiate that statement a bit; the Trump administration is responsible for attempts to punish Cal, not the Feds.
"Does cast metal have lower resistance than drawn or rolled metal?" Not that I know of. The only deviation I know applies to HF waveguides. At high frequencies the "skin effect" occurs; the electron density moves towards the surface of the conductor. That is why waveguides are hollow akin to piping.
You must have either been awfully aggravated or hungry to swallow that "t".
Well, that could be achieved driving in a circle or oval at constant 50 kmh without passengers and removal of all disposable weight.
I know that copper is more expensive and heavier than aluminum but principally those coils could be cast in copper as well. That would lower the resistance of the coils and achieve the same advantages of optimizing available space and increase the efficiency even more so.
I'm happy to see that at least a few, now and than, are beginning to grasp the meaning of "Fool Cells" and the implications of a complete H2 Infrastructure. It is nothing more than a frantic attempt of "big oil" to keep their cash cows in their own pasture.
@ Dave(s)mart If anyone commenting on this site is ignorant, it must most certainly be you. EP has clearly stated and underlined why. I'd suggest that you make your bachelor in electric - and electronics engineering, complete at least five years of R&D in the lab, engage another 10 years for system design of electric systems and spend the rest of your working life engaged in automation of gas and oil pipe lines. BTW did you graduate from high school.
Presently, everyone owning and operating a conventional vehicle is a "cash cow" on the pastures of big oil.
I'm doing just fine with my BEV and PV-system on the roof of my home. No problems whatsoever with range anxiety. Batteries are "dirt cheap" compared to FCs and overall - four times more efficient. A car with a FC is prone to expensive maintenance. Any corrective maintenance requires the complete removal of H2 from all piping of the vehicle and flushing same with CO2. I'm completely independent from "big oil" and that is a wonderful feeling. As far as I'm concerned, H2 and FCs for private mobility are nothing less than a hoax. I'd even reject both as a gift. Virtually everyone can do electric power for a fair price but how many can do H2?
Well, the Trump administration - with its progressive view on climate change - will undertake everything possible to improve the situation?
"Oh surprise, we aren't ready for recycling......" It's strange that the capability exists to separate all the different systems in a gas guzzler and to warrant that a single system does not influence the others. Great care is taken to avoid contamination of the cooling system with hydraulic fluid and vice versa. The same applies to the heating system and all the others. It is certainly possible to proceed in the same manner when recycling toxic wastes. The only limiting factors that might prevent such procedures are unlimited greed and maximum profits and not lacking technical means.
"They can use them for solar storage. " Sure, as second life. And after that?
Somehow this merger reminds me of India and Pakistan declaring war, several decades ago, on each other. The common conclusion (at that time) worldwide was, "two beggars going to war".
And don't forget the continuous maintenance of said cooling system.
Currently, the best electric high temperature conductor is graphene. Substituting all copper windings with graphene automatically eliminates all efforts for adequate cooling. That would make an electric motor really efficient and subsequently lower the overall expenditures.
Apparently, they're following the same trail blazed by Porsche.
Sounds great but alas far too late. 10 years ago I would have bought this car immediately but now I've gone electric for several years and shall never return.
@sd That is more or less what I've been saying for nigh unto 2 decades.
Some people just don't get it. Making specific energy comparisons of fossils with batteries is for the birds. Most of the energy contained in fossils is waste: W-A-S-T -E. Battery efficiency is not only 4-times higher but the waste is nearly nil. So what is the point in making such comparisons?
It seems that the die-hards are attempting a revival. For my part, I'll never buy an ICE again. The latent potential in batteries will let them improve in size, weight, and power density in due time.
A pure waste of electric energy (EE); if EE were utilized directly, far higher efficiency would be warranted.
Stone axes are out of mode most of all because they are impractical. No matter what wonderful material comprised of stones could be synthesized and enhanced with stunning designs; a stone axe remains a stone axe. Time over, forget it.
I think that two problems remain to be solved so that this battery becomes acceptable. Replace the cathode material with perhaps graphene and move to a suitable solid electrolyte.