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in a land, far, far away
"wherever you go, there you are"
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ok - now i'm starting to see how pocket journaling is getting so popular! super cute! I also love the shape shaker concept! very innovative and soooo cute!
Heidi Swapp, Bella Blvd. paper, and a Creative Memories set? beautiful holiday papers and accessories!
I've never heard of your next stamp and will now have to check them out! super cute designs and very unique sets!
lawn fawn make my favorite designs and are the most versatile - I swear I could make mortgage payments with the investment I've made in lawn fawn stamps...and a good investment a big gift certificate like that?! amazeeeng!!!
the stamps are so cute with the snowmen and the journaling card bits are such eye candy!
paper smooches gift certificate!?!?! wowie! so generous
love the pink palettes and the story kits! great idea! thanks for such a generous promotion!
oooh the blue of bo bunny are gorgeous! I also like the pocket journaling idea - thanks for such a generous promotion!
we love our dogs and the calendar is just darline! thanks for such a generous promotion!
I've never used journal cards before and it looks really interesting - will be interested in seeing how they can be used - thanks for such a generous promotion!
I love the colour schemes and pattens - especially since they are small, repeatable prints - makes for card pieces that you can see better :) thanks for such a generous promotion!
Very cool! I've never done any journaling like this before. This is such a treat - thanks!
i wonder if anyone is aware that the producers of this show, sponsors, or the governments around the mountain, will see to it that all footage is edited to show you what they wish for you to see... an entertaining show ... and entertaining it certainly is ... ... so before you judge anyone (e.g., the personalities, the commercial operators, the surrounding governments, or the local culture), it might serve this blogging community to have a think about what this program is ... just entertainment ... with the more controversial parts biased, dramatised, or just edited out altogether. i am not defending anyone ... i just think that there is more reality to this show than what the producers, himex, their clients, the locals, and the governments on the mountain are at liberty to present to the mass american/western market ... and that should be taken into consideration before expressing such strong opinions one way or another ... i'm not convinced that discovery producers wish to show the more socio-political-religious controversy that lives on that mountain along with everything else ... nor should they given the context of the channel ... we leave that up to the CNNs, NBCs, BBCs, et al of the world there is no right or wrong, there just is ... some of it is sad, some of it is maddening, some of it is unethical, some of it is heroic ... but i'm not naive ... i know what goes on up there ... and who else is up there ... with all that said, there is still accomplishment here, no matter how diminished or diluted
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