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Basically, I'm too selfish. I've heard from too many of my instructor friends that once you go through YTT you lose a lot of the personal benefit of yoga. You can't just take a're constantly thinking of how to work it into your own. You don't get as many classes in yourself where you actually practice rather than teach. Along that same line, (unless you're teaching level specific classes) in class you're teaching to the lowest common denominator most of the time and the challenging poses go by the wayside and you're walking around more than demoing anyway. Finally, one of the things that I enjoy most about going to classes vs rolling my own at home is that I can focus on my breathing, my postures, etc rather than thinking about what comes next. Long story short, I'm selfish. Yoga is ME TIME. I'm a better person for it and the people around me I'm sure are grateful for the time I take to make myself right with the world. :) So, I guess...if you look at it that way I'm NOT being selfish...I'm thinking of the people in my world that would suffer if I did less yoga for ME. :) Whew, that was long.
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Apr 11, 2012