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~ yolanda
Orange County, California
A new quilters adventures
Interests: Life! & quilting, exploring, camping, learning, more quilting, learning to sew, taking pictures, yoga, fresh foods, creating, ....not particularly in this order.
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My mom, Yolanda, initially started a blog during a period of kidney failure and just prior to having a transplant in 2008, to keep friends and family up to date as well as sharing her story. In April 2012 at age 47, she was formally diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic... Continue reading
We got blood results back yesterday. Hemoglobin is at 13 and creatinine is 1.4 which is good. Additionally the other levels are looking great, like white blood cell count and etc... Moms still resting a lot. Her appetite is small but she's still eating a little here and there. We're... Continue reading
Hi all. I apologize for not updating in the past week. We've all been spending lots of much needed family time together. As of lately, my mom is still getting antibiotics for another couple of days. She's lost a bit of weight so we're trying to keep her appetite up... Continue reading
We're home again. I was mistaken last time when I said the infection was from the portacath. We did not determine the source of the infection. But the plan is to keep my mom on antibiotics for about 10 days. Her white blood cell count is looking normal again, today.... Continue reading
So my mom is still at Saddleback. It turned out to be an infection caused by the portacath. They have been treating it with antibiotics, and today she had over 3 liters of ascites drained from the stomach. The doctors are telling is that there is not much more they... Continue reading
Moms back at Saddleback today. This morning she was feeling lightheaded and nauseous. We're hoping its just because she hasn't been eating much recently and maybe some dehydration. Initial tests showed that hemoglobin was at 13 and white blood cell count was high. The nurses and doctors are assuming there... Continue reading
My mom arrived home this evening. We all have our work cut out for us, as we no longer have round-the-clock access to nurses. Chris got all of the basic setup handled at home with the hospital bed and other things. Over the next few days we'll be working out... Continue reading
Hey all. Not much new, but here is the latest. My moms still in the hospital. The doctors are getting close to approving her to leave. But we're not ready for that yet. Chris is still working out the home health care deal. Apparently we'll still need a hospital bed... Continue reading
Over the past couple of days my mom has just been resting for the most part. The doctors ended up having to put in a mid-way line in her right arm and shoulder. If you google PICC line, it's like that but half the length, easier to install and less... Continue reading
Visited with mom today. I really missed all the conversations we had together last weekend. It was nice that me and Gavin got to eat dinner with her - her first real meal in a couple days. Gavin can't wait for his grandma to start feeling better. He wants go... Continue reading
The artery filter surgery went well today and there are no immediate complications. The doctors also removed the drainage tube from my moms chest today which is even better news. There will be X-Rays coming up in the next couple days to check for any remaining fluid build up. That's... Continue reading
I tried to visit with my son tonight, but they don't allow kids under 12 years of age into the ICU, so we couldn't visit with mom tonight. Chris has been in an out checking on her throughout the days. He gave me a short update and said the leg... Continue reading
Hi all. Mom is still catching up on quite a bit of needed rest. If you plan to make a visit, would you please cooridinate with Chris in the mean time while she is in ICU? He's more up to date on when she is most awake and aware during... Continue reading
Hi friends and family. Nothing significantly new to report. Moms still resting in ICU. She's off bed rest now which is good. Mom has a sore throat and a lot of mucus build up, so they put her on antibiotics to prevent or stop any infections. I'm not sure how... Continue reading
Not much has changed. Moms still in a lot of pain, fluid is still being drained from the plural cavity and she's still on bed rest. I overheard that the doctors might want to go ahead with the filter surgery in the leg artery. I don't have any more info... Continue reading
Moms still in ICU and will be there overnight. I've been getting small updates remotely. I don't have much news to give this evening, but I will go see her in the morning. Let's continue to pray. -Mike Continue reading
Moms still in ICU. She's having a lot of pain and can't talk too often because of coughing and sore throat. I just saw her now. She can take visitors but only for short periods because she needs rest and shouldn't talk too much. She's on complete bed rest because... Continue reading
Doctors found a third blood clot today, this one is in the right leg. They seriously considered doing another surgery tonight but it was called off. This surgery would have been to install a filter/screen type device in the leg artery to prevent the clot from rushing to brain or... Continue reading
Moms doing okay. She's really groggy from the medication and now it's time for rest. Family is there with her now as I left. Hold off on any visits for today. I'll give an update later this evening. Continue reading
Mom just got transferred to ICU and we're waiting to see her while the nurses setup. There will be a great deal of pain she will be dealing with while breathing and especially coughing. She is on a lot of pain medication right now. Will update more as we find... Continue reading
Mom made it through the procedure. Her hemoglobin is dropping and the surgeon said the other doctors need to make a call on these blood clots. No cancer was found in lung area and the ascites build up is not from the cancer in that location. The surgeon said its... Continue reading
Moms in surgery right now. The main reason for the surgery is the ascites build up in the lung. Apparently it's filled back up to about where it was before it was drained. Right now they are doing various things, but mainly they are opening up a spot between the... Continue reading
My mom is likely to have surgery tomorrow along with other procedures. I'm not going to go into a lot of details on this post and I will update tomorrow throughout the day. Basically this blood clot in the right lung is the biggest risk and the doctors want to... Continue reading
Not too much to update for today. Keeping this update simple. MRA results did not reveal any problems from the heart arteries to the brain. No results on the chest X-ray but she just went in for another X-ray as I'm updating here. Pain is lessening from the fluid removal... Continue reading
Hi friends and family. I see all of the activity on this blog and I hear about all the prayers, thank you always. We are so grateful to have you near. If I were to give an astronomical analogy of what you all mean to us - it would go... Continue reading