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My heart bleeds seriously when I understand that a people will vehemently deny its own citizens the most basic civic responsibility-justice, the rights to demonstration, this is pure evil.Am shocked and speechless
When Cameroonian as well as other Africans immigrate to China or other countries both as legal and illegal immigrants, they work and pay their taxes to the State, illegal residents do pay taxes as well to the States indirectly when they use the legal documents of their friends, relatives and other connections.This bullshit which the Chinese are being allowed to do in Cameroon has no basis for comparison with fact that some Cameroonians or Africans live illegally abroad.Your arguement should be based on the economic significance to the State of Cameroon rather than compassion, compassion don't make for economic development.It is very clear that the Biya regime has gone utterly confused, their actions being watched from the sidelines is more than fun play,the president is the most unpatroitic Cameroonian, a disgrace to politics and leadership in Africa, He has vow to let his destuctive mechanism devour every chances of survival from Cameroonians before he dies.Whether Cameroonians are lazy or not, unwilling to do odd jobs or not, gives no rights to any foreigner to conduct business inside the country on a tax free basis which is completely detrimental to the citizens of that country operating in the same line of business.When countries every where on the globe are trying to protect small businesses against foreign competition, i have never seen a situation similar to what is happening to Cameroon.A country whose leadership is bent on preventing it from developing, where the administration has lost touch with global realities, the President completely confused in the discharged of his duties, believes he can create a new type of economic theory yet to be understood.I believe, nothing good will ever come out from this evil spirited government in Cameroon and if people continue keeping their calm hoping that government will reason, then its the wrong path to take, am strongly infavour of a radical reaction, by beating these mother fuckers out of the country, what they are doing in Cameroon is known in economic terms as Dumping, every day thousands of containers leave chinese seaports for Cameroon and yet these containers return to china virtually empty, where do these cheap shitty goods end of? The Biya regime is hell