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Hi Nasrul, I am surprised, as an expert in Facebook marketing (after all, you wrote a whole book on it) that you could leave your Inbox so poorly maintained. Perhaps you could add that as the 12th Mistakes you can do in Facebook Marketing: [ - Bonus Tambahan ] : Prune your Inbox to Catch that Important Sale! So besides that, I guess you missed the tweet I sent you at 2:25pm, Fri 27th June 2009 as well, reminding you that I sent a FB message? "@nasrulrpfb tone down the vitriol, dude. You are making yourself look lame #osdcmy you may take it offline if u like, if FB'd u 3 days ago." And yet you continued to comment on this public forum at 9pm later that day. As a PAKAR in viral marketing, I would expect you to handle your online communication logistics better. So for those who keep pleading us to keep this private (Kage and Rafe), I let the evidence show that I gave him ample opportunity to do so. Nasrul, you obviously thought that you had to have your say, and I am not denying you that right. How you want to proceed is entirely up to you. You asked, what is my purpose to be involved in the FOSS community? I dunno. I could tell you my history with regards to FOSS, but I believe you are not interested in it. After all your response was dripping with sarcasm, so I wont waste both our times. Now something about sarcasm. I am a fan of sarcasm. I use it alot, especially in this blog. I use satire and parody too. However sarcasm is a tricky thing. You need to use it in moderation. When you go on about how PAKAR and HEBAT and GAH you think I am, it gets really tedious. Like a punchline told one too many times over and over. You just end up sounding like you are cracking an old, stale joke. This goes with your extraneous usage of Fake Humility ("Saya hanya pengguna baru. .. Baru 9 thn"), and False Apologies ("Saya minta maaf ... [because Im awesome(paraphrased)]"). Try mixing sarcasm with other forms of humour, and other ways of writing your thoughts. See what I did? I criticised you, and then I gave you constructive ways to improve your written communication. Please don't misconstrue; I dont claim to be a great writer, otherwise I would be in other lines of work, but its a few tricks Ive learnt over the years, and I think (in my humble opinion) that your writing can improve as such. Note: I will continue to point out how my criticisms are followed up with constructive solutions in the following points. One more thing which I noticed you doing is that you create what we call a "Strawman Argument". This is when you project an erroneous version of what you think I am, and continue to dismantle it with fervour. You keep going back to say that I am speaking for the FOSS community. This is as far from the truth as ever. I have learnt that the FOSS community rarely has one voice. We are by definition extremely independant in nature. Additionally, at the top right of this blog it says very clearly, our hallowed Disclaimer: "We declare our independence of opinions from our employers, institutions, associations and clients, past and present. Thoughts and expressions in the Open Malaysia blog are rightly each blogger's own and each of us stand by what we individually write. ..." I declare that I do not speak for any community. These are merely my thoughts. Therefore accusations that I am pitting vs vs is not correct, because I am speaking independently of them. I was merely, as an individual, giving my thoughts on how MDeC could improve MSCOSCONF. It is by mere coincidence that my views are echoed by the vast majority of FOSS folk in Malaysia, and also the few international speakers who came to MSCOSCONF and are aware of this blog. This is NOT a criticism against, nor, nor any imagined faction between any of the two. As far as I know, with in competent hands (which it currently is), I dont forsee any future problems. So don't go around saying that I am trying to become the sole Expert. This is the Strawman which you have created. Note: Criticism against your false Strawman argument, and constructive suggestions on how you can improve your debating strategies by reducing the amount of logical fallacies. BTW, I deliberately replied to your Friday post 3 days late, because I enjoy my weekends sans the intertoobs. It also gave me time to think, and not flame with emotion. Im happy that you and Kage have found middle ground, but our issue was yet to be resolved. Its my blog, and I can take as long as I like. You continue to claim that us old timers refuse to see our own faults. Can you directly state these faults? If you do in a clear concise manner, then perhaps we can address it directly. However if you twist and turn your words, it makes this process harder. If your only qualm is that we dont accept other people's views, but only wish to force our views onto others, can you state exactly which views you propose we take? Was this about Software Patents raised in the mailling list? Why don't you respond to the thread directly? I believe we left sufficient arguments hanging for you to query / respond to? Go for it! Perhaps it is you who may have to realise that not all your views are correct too. Note: Criticism on your criticism, that you too may be criticized. On your purported false apology on winning LAMP2WIMP? My utmost congratulations to you, for the fame (newsclipping) and fortune (RM2K). I am just wondering how your conscience is affecting you knowing that your contribution to the Open Source ecosystem is pale in comparison to what your fellow winners had to go through. Look at what Aizu and Iwani had to acheive: [ ] They had to translate MySQL SQL Statements to MSSQL's flavour. They actually contributed code back [ ] hosting it at [ ] They deserve the prize money and kudos. Note: Criticism, but constructive suggestions on how you can emulate others: Good words of encouragement to the other winners of's LAMP2WIMP Looking at Colin's research, [ ] MediaWiki is already IIS / MSSQL enabled out of the box. The developer working on it for over 2 years D J Bauch, [ ] has clearly put significant effort in the port. So what exactly is your contribution? If not code, did you contribute to the numerous Wiki's to get it running? Did you update some online docs? So as a sign of good faith, will you be open to contributing part of your winnings to Mr Bauch? His email is: dj.bauch [at] Note: Criticism, and a constructive solutions : wiki and/or reward DJ. Another thing. Your "Secrets of Facebook Marketing" Book. I hope you got your lawyers to "OK" the usage of the Facebook Intellectual Properties: mainly the Trademark / Logo, and also their likeness: colour schemes, fonts and layouts? I certainly hope you did your due diligence, because it would be shameful that our Tun M / MDeC / would have to be associated to a lawsuit against an author who does not respect international Intellectual Properties. Note: Warning, and a constructive solution on engaging lawyers. With this I hope you realise how I always try to follow up my criticisms with constructive solutions. If you read the above post, it is consistent. If you have any opposing views, please present it, but don't get too upset if I do not accept them, as much as I wont get too upset if you dont accept my suggestions. However if you do present a clear, concise and rational argument, I'm very likely to change my mind. Much Regards, and Good Luck. yk
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2009 on MSCOSCONF at Open Malaysia
Nasrul, It is interesting that you are criticising our actions as FOSS proponents, when your comments itself certainly gives a bad impression to all the other LAMP2WIMP winners. Are all the winners of Microsoft's money so hell bent in attacking FOSS people? I hope not. I really hope that you are the only anomaly. So lets try to fix that. Can you state exactly what I criticized which has gotten you so riled up? As far as I can see, the above blog post on "the cognitive dissonance within MDeC" is a fair representation of the current state of events. I elaborated in the post to provide constructive corrections for MDeC and the communities to take in the future, so as to be more consistent with the FOSS message. After your first comment, I tried to get in touch with you via Facebook, your favourite Social Networking platform, so as to take this issue offline. However you did not respond privately but instead preferred to engage in the name calling and petty personal attacks online. If thats the image you want to project for yourself, by all means, keep going. We'll just sit back and enjoy the show. So Nasrul, can you please tune down your vitriol? You are hurting your standing in the community more than you realise. If you intend to contribute to the community, please realise that you need to thicken your skin with regards to taking constructive criticisms. You, like what I went through, will get alot of it. You should know by now that geeks like us are more direct and blunt with our messages. We arent smooth tongued salesmen ala experienced marketeers, who have are thick in skin for self promotion even at the most inappropriate occasions, yet thin in skin when it comes to self criticisms. Read my article again. I "spat" out my thoughts, but it was to heal the wounds [0 : follow the link; your favourite word, "licking," is involved too]. I will be happy to report to Microsoft that their Marketing monies in sponsoring their brilliant LAMP2WIMP competition has worked beyond their wildest dreams; Their investment has created some really fanatical anti-FOSS marketeers from within. So unless you want to remain a testament to their strategy, do us all a favour and educate yourself in what really FOSS means, and not be a tool for others. Remember: Free as in Freedom. yk 0:
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2009 on MSCOSCONF at Open Malaysia
Nasrul wrote: > cakap pumpang-pumpang, kutuk sana sini tp dtg cari > jugak time meeting > poyo! sudah jilat ludah sniri ke? Oh Dear Nasrul, Im not sure what is causing you such angst which is driving you to write such rude comments in this blog, the maillist and on people's facebook walls. Before we start to flame you, you better read up on what OSDC Australia really stands for and what hopefully intends to be, because you dont seem to understand the very basic concepts of Free and Open Source Software. I suggest that if you do not agree with the aims of OSDC, you set up your own Proprietary Marketeers Club. I believe KLCC Lev29 has some openings? yk
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2009 on MSCOSCONF at Open Malaysia