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I laughed out loud as well when Councilor Benjamin used the example of a grower flying a Marijuana flag above the US flag to argue against approving the commissions recommendations. Also, his response to the comments about youth homelessness were awful. I couldn't tell if he was sarcastically telling the person commenting to "start a non-profit" or if he seriously was trying to shirk responsibility.
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"People in the wealthier parts of town -- south and west Salem -- both lean conservative and vote at a considerably higher rate than the lower income, more liberal people in other areas." I think that line answers the question: the left is not mobilized in Salem. Especially in off year elections that sees the ownership class exerts its influence and mobilizes its ideological adherents. I think there is an apathy with the 2 party system that plays into this as well. Many working class and poor (rightfully) see both parties as unconcerned with their class interests and as a result are not motivated to vote. A stronger effort at organizing these communities in the only chance we have at countering the ownership class' influence and control of our city.
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Nov 25, 2015