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Jan 7, 2010
hey guys im going to watch avatar again and im starting to feel a little better...but im in love with this movie im just happy when im sitting in a theater watching it...i dont know my parents think im crazy but i dont care they dont understand me
i am just the same guys i watched it twice now im going to watch it again next week like..i feel depressed one night then then next morning im fine then i watch a trailer then i get all bummed and depressed again i want to go see it over and over..james cameron really needs to look at this and see the impact he has put on us he need to open a press confrence about this..
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Jan 5, 2010
i was in dallas when i first watched avatar in imax3d..the experience was absolutely amazing..i didnt feel anything from the first time i watched it...then the second time i watched it in tulsa on imax felt different after the movie i talked to none of my mom was worried about me...i just couldnt figure out why i was so depressed avatar is all i think about...but when i sleep the next morning i forget about it then i come back from school and get on my labtop and listen to i see you and look at trailers and interviews like for 2 hours...i dont know i think im seriously going crazy about this watching it again in tulsa imax 3d next week...ive been so depressed bcause of that reason tony..but i just know theres something else going on...its about the movie also...i just dont know im still trying to find answers...does anyone know if james cameron has been asked questions about the depression of the movie that has affected many many people...i wonder if he dosent know about this yet...people if anyone else feels this way...i need to know...i want to know if im actually going crazy.. please guys i need help..
i have the exact same feeling you guys my parents didnt understand at all this is a great blog
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Jan 4, 2010
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Jan 4, 2010