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"'There is very little left to "disintermediate" or "disrupt." + With all the new pieces in place" Jeff I think we are missing one piece: the opportunity to give back ! For the last months I am working to close this loop of enjoyment and appreciation with YourDonation. Let's create the modern day minstrel model: Give back to those who provide value / enjoyment. Can it be done, or am I a hopeless fool?
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The solution is simple: - Listening & enjoying (I won't use the word "digesting") is easy! - To give back, a few bucks for enjoyment with a little thank you note is not possible. We are working to make giving back possible. In this paradigm. I am sorry to say that there is no use for "the Biz" Rick Rubin almost said it himself: "People love music more than they ever have and ... are willing to pay for music," he said. "It's just a question of finding the best way for that to happen, without holding onto any of the past.... I think it's going to be a big business -- a bigger business than it has ever been."
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In 10 years time we will know if Jim Griffin was right or not. We have to go back to the days of the minstrel to see how artists and fans appreciated each other. The artist performs, the public enjoys and provides a little gift in return as a little thank you for the enjoyment. We are creating a new way to monetize music where the initiative lies with the fan / public. It is called YourDonation "money meets music" Let's see what happens
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Apr 27, 2011